Business processes are under pressure to become faster, smarter and more efficient. Information Technology has helped business processes achieve this to some extent. However, there is still a lot of scope to improve the processes further. Embedded Process Intelligence (ePI) is a continuous method to understand the existing processes, work flow and data, to create alsolutions and generate insights about the process to improve business performance.

As part of WNS’ ePI program, our analytics consultants engage with WNS’ business vertical leaders, analytical experts and client relationship managers to identify priority areas for embedded analytics opportunities in various processes. This is followed by a comprehensive audit of the priority processes and identifying possible analytics solutions that can be developed to enhance the delivery value of existing processes. The ePI analytics solution is implemented to realize the benefits and is further analyzed through feedback from various stakeholders to improve the process.


ePI can be implemented across various business process areas including sales, marketing, customer service to derive the following benefits:


  • Rationalized workload on the sales force
  • Improved target setting process through inclusion of comprehensive factors affecting the market


  • Improved customer response to campaigns and increase in revenue
  • Increased accuracy in measuring RoI

Front-line Customer Service

  • Improved complaints resolution time through prioritization
  • Increased customer satisfaction through proactive effort

How can you leverage ePI?

  • Audit the current processes and identify the opportunity areas for operational efficiency with analytics intervention
  • Prioritize the processes for embedding analytics based on cost-benefit analysis
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