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Payroll Administration

We specialize in delivering end-to-end payroll services and possess strong process transitioning and project management experience across multiple industry segments and geographies.

Our qualified payroll experts understand the complexities of managing dynamic payrolls. These experts understand the global payroll landscape, and have the capability to handle complex payroll ecosystems with a strong focus on handling regulatory and legislative changes to ensure compliance and high accuracy.

We deliver best-in-class payroll processing services that address the full spectrum of an organization’s enterprise-payroll needs. We bring flexibility, control and insight throughout the entire payroll process.

We manage the following payroll functions:


Pre-payroll processing

  • Administer garnishments

  • Accept valid pay data and time tracking inputs

  • Manage the receipt and load of payroll data integrations

Payroll gross-to-net processing

  • Process on-cycle payroll

  • Process on-demand payroll

  • Process other forms of compensation (e.g. stock options, relocation, etc.)

Post-payroll processing

  • Validate ACH accounts

  • Confirm positive pay

  • Execute funding process

  • Remit third-party payments

  • Process requests to stop pay and re-issue

  • Print and distribute checks

Taxation and Year-end Activities

  • Validate and generate the GL file

  • File tax deposits and returns