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Co-creating a Digital Shift toward a Frictionless Utility Customer Experience

Over the past few years, the Energy & Utilities (E&U) sector has been deeply impacted by new entrants offering the latest digital-first products, price increases and caps. The COVID-19 pandemic has added another layer of complexity to the sector’s challenges. These factors are collectively driving customer expectations, investments in distributed generation and alternative energy sources, and the adoption of digital technologies.

WNS works with E&U companies to co-create digital-first customer journeys by implementing low-cost channels such as Webchat, chatbots and asynchronous messaging through our proprietary end-to-end Customer Experience model, WNS EXPIRIUSSM.


Key Differentiators

Domain Expertise:

We leverage 14+ years of deep experience in the E&U sector, a future-ready resource pool and knowledge of the regulatory guidelines in the utilities sector to deliver high-impact outcomes for clients globally.

‘Journey to Zero’ through DM2C:

Our delivery model spans the entire Digital-Meter-to-Cash (DM2C) value chain. It is supported by our proven expertise in embedded analytics, right mix of technology, automation and Customer Interaction Services tools. We not only focus on operational excellence that delivers sustainable quality of service to all our clients, but also drive continuous improvements through processes by making them lean and agile for future changes, and deploy sustainable interventions enabling them to handle market pressures.

Digital Transformation:

WNS combines process mining and optimization, CX and analytics benchmarks to re-imagine the future state to drive key business outcomes. Our digital transformation is domain-led, insight-driven and people-executed. The four core pillars of EXPIRIUS, our proprietary Digital CX model – automated experience, assisted experience, workforce engagement and cross-channel analytics – form the cornerstone of this transformation. EXPIRIUS is backed by a strong ecosystem of specialists, governance, partnerships, business model and cultural change.


Digital-first Services and Products

Digital Customer Experience Services - E&U for Retail Industry

Digital Customer Experience Services

WNS’ Digital Customer Experience Services support the entire Utility customer lifecycle spanning acquisition, account management, billing, exception management and collections. Our services are enabled by WNS EXPIRIUS, an integrated end-to-end customer experience solution, that leverages human-assisted design to integrate domain, technology and analytics to create a holistic digital experience.

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Digital Meter-to-Cash - Energy and Utilities for Retail Industry

Digital Meter-to-Cash (DM2C)

Digital Meter-To-Cash is a precision-engineered solution made to plug gaps and drive transformative gains through Intelligent Automation, Digital Shift, Business Process Re-design and Data Analytics. DM2C is powered by ‘Journey to Zero,’ which means achieving almost zero gaps / leakages while digitally transforming utility operations to maximize value for businesses and their end-customers.

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Carbon Accounting - Energy and Utilities for Retail Industry

Carbon Accounting

One of the greatest challenges in the years to come will be balancing the dual challenge of reducing GHG emissions arising from business activities, while maintaining the fiscal health of organizations.

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Additional Capabilities for Retail Customers

Homemove Support - Energy and Utilities for Retail Industry

Homemove Support

Getting the homemove process right the first time has a positive impact on the customer’s lifetime value with the utility. This not only ensures that the billing process is streamlined, but also nurtures brand value for the utility. WNS works with utilities to improve the overall homemove process and help build brand value, improve customer satisfaction and boost Net Promoter Score.

Void ProPErties Support - Energy and Utilities for Retail Industry

Void Properties Support

Void (Vacant) properties have a big impact on the revenue for utilities. They end up spending a lot of money for identifying customer details and collecting dues from them. WNS works with utilities to identify tenants / landlords, reduce the number of vacant properties and collect outstanding payments.

Prepay Support - Energy and Utilities for Retail Industry

Prepay Support

Prepay-as-a Service: Smart meter-led Prepay Energy is a growing commercial alternative. It helps utilities to lower their bad debt by 25-50 percent, depending upon the size of the prepay customer base. It also provides them with an opportunity to add market share in-line with emerging market trends. WNS brings end-to-end management expertise in terms of Prepay Platform, Digital CIS and Embedded Analytics, which are the key differentiators to getting this right the first time.


Key Accelerators


WNS EXPIRIUSSM is a unique CX solution designed to effectively manage the changing utility market and evolving customer behavior. It powers a hassle-free experience across major contact drivers / exceptions such as Join and Leave, Billing, Metering and Payment Schemes through automated and assisted experience streams driven by embedded AI and utility domain expert consultation.

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