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Building an Ecosystem for Profitable Programmatic Advertising

With more consumers moving online than ever before, retailers with first-party data will be in the best position to monetize their online assets. Brands are eyeing this treasure and moving most of their marketing spend to retailers-turned-publishers, thus presenting retailers with a new and highly profitable revenue stream.

For retailers, the time to move away from traditional space selling (also known as trade marketing) on their websites and embrace programmatic advertising is now. Programmatic advertising uses data, technology and analytics to automate the process of buying and selling ad space on publishers’ websites. With this, retailers can maximize the value of their digital real estate. For advertisers, it means a better return on their spend as they can now target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Programmatic Advertising Allows for:

  • Faster and more focused consumer targeting
  • Optimal price for ad space each time
  • Better return on investment for advertisers
  • Optimum use of media assets
  • Revenue generation beyond the retailer’s own website
  • Small and medium sized businesses to compete with large enterprises

However, to make good use of programmatic advertising, retailers must cross the biggest hurdle: a steep learning curve.

WNS offers an end-to-end programmatic ad management service that takes care of strategy formulation, technology, regulatory compliance and operations in what we call the Consult, Enable and Operate (CEO) framework.

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Media monetization framework

Media monetization framework

  • Define your media strategy and build a roadmap
  • Devise a data strategy to monetize first-party data
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR and IAB standards


Set up the eco-system

Set up the eco-system

  • Use partner network to set up quickly (i.e., supply-side platforms, demand side-platforms, advertisers, ad exchanges)
  • Set up the tech stack (Google Ad Manager, customer data platform, ad monitoring)


Monitor and optimize

Monitor and optimize

  • Become your external selling agency to penetrate the market quickly
  • Run the campaigns, monitor to optimize ad performance and yield
  • Post-campaign reporting and analysis

Why Partner With WNS?

  • Deep domain experience in retail media and customer data

  • A vast retail media partner ecosystem that will reduce time-to-market

  • An experienced operations team to run the service end-to-end

  • Rich expertise in implementing and operating the retail media technology

  • A change management practice for a smooth transition

Using your impression data, we can provide you with a business case for building a retail media practice. To enquire, please click here.