WNS Air Cargo Optimized Solutions Suite ACOSS WNS Air Cargo Optimized Solutions Suite ACOSS

WNS Air Cargo Optimized Solutions Suite (ACOSS)

Co-creating a Faster, Leaner and Intuitive Cargo Function

The pandemic hit the aviation industry hard, taking it quickly into a nosedive. However, air cargo demonstrated resilience. Air carriers quickly found ways to add value to their offerings, especially in addressing consignee needs related to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other essential goods.

There are signs that the air cargo industry is recovering. However, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) warns that a troubled global economy, coupled with an immediate capacity shortage, is expected to further impact overall air cargo volumes. Despite airlines deploying as much capacity as possible, including special charter operations and the temporary use of passenger cabins for cargo, the air cargo industry still seems to be in a severe capacity crunch. This is adversely impacting global supply chains with longer shipping times and higher costs.

WNS Air Cargo Optimized Solutions Suite (ACOSS) delivers powerful and agile solutions that have been designed to unlock elevated levels of efficiencies across revenue and cost-critical cargo processes – thereby creating a faster, leaner and intuitive cargo function. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), intelligent automation, advanced analytics and deep domain expertise.


ACOSS helps companies overcome some of their biggest challenges, including paper-intensive and manual processes, unsynchronized billing, gaps in intelligent build plans, revenue leakage in post-billing adjustments, messaging discrepancies, and de-centralized and non-standardized General Sales Agent (GSA) processes.

The Solution: Features & Benefits

The Solutions Features and Benefits

WNS Advantage

Deep Domain Expertise

We have been handling end-to-end cargo processes for over two decades, including scheduling, load planning, operations, revenue accounting and management. A partner to 20 global clients, WNS has a team of 2,300+ cargo specialists managing more than 30 million transactions annually. We leverage our deep domain expertise to enable airlines to optimize costs, uplift revenue, ensure compliance and remain competitive. We drive 50+ processes impacting key business metrics such as Delivered-at-Place (DAP), C2K milestones, cost per shipment, cost per invoice, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and working capital improvement.

Cargo Center of Excellence (COE)

Our cargo COE employs a futuristic approach to drive enhancement across cost and revenue optimization modes. It brings together the right talent pool, domain skills, automation and embedded analytics. View the futuristic COE model here