Is Your Airline Leaving Money On the Table?

Discover an innovative fare audit solution that maximizes your revenue potential effortlessly

Verifare Plus

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Are revenue leakages eating into your airline’s profits?

In today’s fiercely competitive airline industry, where every dollar counts, airlines are relentlessly striving to uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

Manual reviews, workflow automation and analytics-driven process controls have become the norm in the battle against revenue leakage.

Amidst this relentless pursuit, WNS presents Verifare Plus, a game-changing solution hosted on Microsoft Azure to tackle revenue challenges.

Ready to streamline fare audit processes with minimal investment and maximum impact?

WNS’ new and enhanced Verifare Plus is a fully automated, holistic web-based fare audit solution. It enables airlines to maximize revenue recovery and minimize revenue leakage with minimal investment.

A part of TravOps (the operational excellence pillar of WNS TRAVOGUE), Verifare Plus offers comprehensive fare audit services across the ticket life cycle for all types of fares sold worldwide through different distribution channels.

Cloud-hosted, Verifare Plus delivers high reliability, availability, scalability, security compliance, minimzed potential downtime and reduced operational costs.

Revenue recovery of ~1.00 percent against the total sale revenue

Additional revenue recovery of greater than 10 percent through second pass audit services

Collection rate greater than 80 percent for debit memos

More than 98.5 percent accuracy achieved on Agency Debit Memos (ADM) issued

100 percent end-to-end dispute resolution with agency on behalf of airlines

Proactive Approach to Revenue Optimization


Why Verifare Plus ?

  • Recovered over USD 32 Mn annually
  • Preferred Star Alliance partner for fare audit
  • Partner with 17 airlines across the world, including some of the largest airlines
  • Accuracy above 98.5 percent for debit memos through automated ADM / ACM solution
  • Risk-free pricing model with outcome-based engagement models

Taking Off to Profitability

Verifare Plus Recovers USD 12 Million for a North American Airline


Scope of Engagement

  • Audits of tickets issued by travel agents globally to identify errors in sales, exchanges, refunds, commission and tax
  • Raise debit memos to reclaim lost revenue
  • Manage travel agency disputes to resolve conflicts and improve operational efficiency

Benefits Delivered

  • Audited 30 Mn tickets and recovered USD 12 Mn annually
  • Reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Customized MIS reports (by agent / by region / by reason)
  • Improved SOX compliance and financial controls
  • Improved business intelligence

Charting New Routes to Success

Verifare Plus Unlocks Revenue for a Leading European Airlines Group


Scope of Engagement

  • Conduct Secondary (second pass) Ticket Sales audit using Verifare Plus
  • Provide services for sales, exchange, refunds, dispute management - WNS ADM, and collections management
  • Enhance revenue yield through advanced filtration of audit data, customization of dashboards, and identification of new avenues of revenue leakage

Benefits Delivered

  • 2 Mn euros revenue recovery
  • 13K+ agent debit memos raised
  • 12 percent increase in revenue through second pass audits
  • Over 98.5 percent agent debit memo accuracy



WNS chosen for proven Audit expertise
& best-in-class technology.

Christopher Korenke,

VP-Commercial, Star Alliance

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