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WNS Journal Entry Analytics

A Perfect Vantage Point for Enhanced Financial Controllership

Diving headlong into hundreds and thousands of journal entries every month – accounting teams may sometimes fail to spot leakages or irregularities that could disrupt the business. That said, journal entries are an information super highway that unfortunately isn’t subject to analytical scrutiny as it should be.

The voluminous and complex transactions from disparate accounting systems and processes can be a nightmare to manage, let alone analyze. Also, along with the challenges presented by both big data, and the intricate elements that make for the general ledger, organizations often find it difficult to leverage the benefits of advanced analytical techniques to glean critical insights.

WNS Journal Entry Analytics is an industry-first solution that integrates advanced statistical models and intelligent algorithms to deliver consolidated information, and improved control, insights and operational efficiency. It re-imagines the role of journal entries as an unparalleled vantage point for controllership and audit.

Levers for Comprehensive Controllership

WNS’ source-agnostic JE Analytics platform integrates our extensive experience in F&A domain, and deep expertise in data analytics. Together, it harnesses actionable information for improved business outcomes:

  • Significantly enhances controllership by triangulation of abnormal transactions and activities in real-time
  • Enhances efficiency – while managing risks – by constantly searching for transformation opportunities and weeding out non-value add activities
  • Accelerates the close cycle by indentifying and fixing gaps in process and systems
  • Improves quality of information, with our advanced algorithms constantly searching for leakages, abnormalities and inefficiencies

The WNS Advantage

With the data size of millions of lines of journal entries running into terabytes, it can be onerous for finance teams to analyze and extract valuable insights from this big data. WNS has proven expertise and solutions in both F&A and analytics to unlock many opportunities for businesses to gain greater insight from data and predict future outcomes. What’s more, we offer flexible deployment models, both non-intrusive consulting engagement and real-time interactive solutions.


Case Study Spotlight

Challenge: A Fortune 500 risk advisory firm wanted to rationalize its month-end financial close process

Solution: WNS JE Analytics:

  • Leveraged advanced statistical algorithms to analyze ~5.7 Mn JE line items
  • Identified abnormalities for further deep dive
  • Generated relevant organization-wide inferences for the senior finance leaders and the top management through advanced analytics and ML

Impact: The range of benefits delivered include:

  • Evened out the skewed peak-load cycle of manual effort
  • Enhanced efficiency of the approval process
  • Balanced creator / approver load, and reduced rejection, resulting in significant time saved and improved close
  • Identified additional potential areas for automation
  • Identified opportunities for rationalizing entity structure
  • Weeded out abnormal postings