Going Digital in an
Evolving Travel Market

Going Digital in an Evolving Travel Market

Meet the Expectations of Modern Travelers with WNS TRAVOGUE

End-to-End Digital Solutions

Group 3076

Designing New Frontiers of Customer Experience

Mask Group 130
Pre-travel Experience
  • Booking Queries
  • General Queries
  • Change and Cancellations
  • Special Service Requests
  • Profit Set up
  • Website Assistance
  • Travel Agency Helpdesk
Mask Group 130
On-travel Experience
  • Relocations
  • Ticket Exchanges
  • Guest Relations
  • Duty of Care
Mask Group 132
Post-travel Experience
  • Refund Requests
  • Complaint Management
  • Expense Management
  • Claims Management
  • Chargebacks
  • VOC Survey Support
Mask Group 133
Customer Insights and Analytics
  • Hyper-personalized Customer Segmentation
  • Loyalty Management Analytics
  • Speech Analytics
  • Chat Analytics

High-impact Outcomes Delivered


improvement in customer service levels for a leading North American TMC

More than 50%

reduction in average handling time in customer servicing for a leading Australian tour operator

1500 BPS

improvement in CSAT and 1300 BPS reduction in repeat ratefor a leading European tour operator

Tools and Frameworks










    Social media analytics platform leveraging AI / ML to create a true 'brand equity’ index

    Improved Brand Equity

    2x Customer-centricity

    50% Reduction in Cost of Social Media Analytics Ownership

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  • InTouch

    A social media engagement platform

    25% Reduction in Social Media Servicing Cost

    Improved CX through Real-time Customer Support

    Multi-lingual Support

  • SPIQ

    Speech analytics platform based on speech recognition and natural language processing

    10% Saving in Quality Assurance Cost

    10% Reduction in Average Handling Time

    12% Reduction in Repeat Calls

  • Image 200

    Digital CX solution powered by industry knowledge, human assistance, AI and analytics

    40-50% Reduced TCO

    20-25% Improvement in Customer Advocacy

    20-25% Increase in Customer Yield

    3-5x Payback on Digital Solutions

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“WNS’ capacity to ramp speedily and provide the necessary support to ensure we can get back to a level of service our customers are happy with, are outstanding. We are really grateful that WNS has been our partner during and after COVID.”

Petra Reiter, Vice President, Customer Services, Kiwi.com

“From all of our partners, WNS stands out. They anticipated how the market was going to respond post COVID, built extra protection, hired people before we had asked for them, at their cost, so that when we needed the resources they were able to turn on very quickly.”

Leonard McCullie, Director, Vendor Management, Kiwi.com

“Qbay provides us with the capability and, importantly, the flexibility we need, and this really sets the tool apart. From day one we are seeing an improvement in customer experience, an improvement in agent productivity, and we have enhanced reporting. We are excited to continue to grow and build on our current partnership with WNS through initiatives like Qbay.”

Aaron Fadelli, Business Leader, Flight Centre

“WNS made sure that we stay on top of the daily activity as well as the month-end close during challenging times. I want to thank WNS for all their hard work that has helped us pull through the pandemic.”

Chris Kenny, VP and Controller, United Airlines

“WNS has been a great partner for Delaware North. Their ability to respond and quickly pivot provided us with uninterrupted service during COVID-19.”

Christopher Lozipone, Senior Vice President and Global Business Services Head, Delaware North
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