• ~51%Reduction in Claims Severity

  • ~39%Decrease in Claims Frequency for
    Water Damage

  • First-of-Its-Kind Loss Reduction Guarantee Package

What Makes This Claims Prevention Solution Unique?

Through this claims prevention solution, WNS and Ondo InsurTech Plc bring a first-of-its-kind loss reduction guarantee package for P&C industry. We have co-created a comprehensive solution that combines LeakBot - a patented IoT water claims mitigation solution, plumbing repair services and indemnity guarantee.

Claims Prevention Solution Infographic


Benefits for P&C Insurers

  • ~51 percent reduction in claims severity, resulting in significant savings for insurers

  • ~39 percent reduction in the frequency of water damage claims due to quick identification and mitigation of leaks

  • 4.8 customer rating for LeakBot on Trustpilot, a review platform

  • Low cost of installation and management

  • Guaranteed indemnity savings delivered through the loss reduction guarantee package

  • Increased customer retention driven through value-added services

  • Verifiable ESG impact with reduced water loss and landfills