Transformation for Future-ready Digitized Trucking

Changes in trucking technology and logistics processes, and the swift sweep of digitization, are all set to have a profound impact on the logistics value chain. Empowering carriers to digitally transform their ‘ship-to-collect’ cycle will result in responsive and efficient delivery, enhance customer stickiness and improve revenues while focusing on reducing cost to serve.

WNS leverages 18+ years of industry and domain experience with best-in-class trucking services and digital solutions to drive cost efficiencies. We work with our clients to co-create a digitally enhanced, efficient ‘ship-to-collect' process that raises the bar on service delivery to create superior Customer Experience (CX).


Key Accelerators

WNS Malkom

Our proprietary billing platform WNS Malkom is driven by AI and ML to automate and re-define Less-than-Truckload (LTL) billing. The platform automates end-to-end Bill of Lading (BoL) processes, reducing manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks. WNS Malkom’s AI layer continuously reviews data, and learns and deploys the right elements, while an embedded business rules validation engine consistently ensures that the correct information is included in the BoL.

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WNS Expirius

Our digitally integrated CX service model leverages a human-assisted design and a digital core of technology and analytics to simplify processes, deliver superior business outcomes and build customer trust.

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Digital-first Services

Our bouquet of best-in-class services and optimized digital business processes offer better and faster outcomes.

Freight Bill Digitization

Freight Bill Digitization

Through WNS Malkom, we enable clients to improve invoice accuracy and supply chain visibility. Features include:

  • Mobile bill capture for higher supply chain visibility
  • AI-enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for fast and accurate data extraction
  • ML-based business rules engine to ensure invoice accuracy
Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Our revenue management services automate invoice resolutions to enhance the effectiveness of collections and drive DSO. WNS Malkom’s accounts receivable module automates interactions with freight audit portals, while its automation and AI components create a feedback loop for issue correction at the source. Collections analytics is deployed for effective utilization of resources.

Customer Interactions

Customer Interactions

We co-create winning outcomes through human-assisted integrated digital CX capabilities. Our capabilities include:

  • Conceptualizing best-of-breed CX strategies
  • Implementing self-service and conversational solutions for an automated experience
  • Delivering cross-channel analytical solutions for real-time actionable insights
Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

We transform the finance function to a digitally enabled organizational force:

  • The WNS Outperforming CFO framework leverages an interconnected ecosystem of intelligent technologies (including AI, robotics and advanced analytics) to assess the impact of market disruptions. This enables insightful decisions to enhance technology-readiness and build the right capabilities
  • Our Procure-to-Pay services encompass innovative and sustainable future operating models with best practices and best-of-breed digital technologies
  • We deliver judgment-intensive operations with our Record-to-Report services that leverage our deep understanding of the nuances of the finance and accounting landscape
WNS Advantage

WNS Advantage

Digitally enhanced, efficient quote-to-collect process: Trucking companies can achieve:

  • 30 percent improvement in billing accuracy
  • Automated collections follow-up on freight audit portals
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Enhanced CX, higher loyalty: By shifting 33 percent of customer interactions to digital channels, clients experience improved invoice accuracy, and minimal billing disputes – leading to superior CX.

Integrated analytics drives agility and innovation: WNS Malkom, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-led billing platform, provides sharp insights to help make the right decisions for the right segments at the right time. When integrated with domain knowledge, this raises the performance to higher levels of speed, nimbleness and outcomes.

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