WNS Ancillary Revenue
Optimizer Suite

As the travel sector continues to adapt to new realities and reposition for sustainable growth, airlines have a prime opportunity to tap into a channel many have not focused on before. Ancillary services offer extra legroom for revenue maximization as both demand and competition go up.

However, navigating complex market dynamics to create a stable stream of incremental revenue from ancillary services can be challenging. To succeed, airlines need to answer questions like these:

Will this customer be willing to pay to select a seat and at what price?

Which offers will appeal to frequent flyers?

How to create the best tailored offers for leisure customers with excess baggage?

What is the optimal price point
for meals on board?

Which ancillaries are customers willing
to pay for and when?

WNS, in collaboration with Planitas, proudly introduces Ancillary Revenue Optimizer, a powerful solution nestled under the TravRev (Revenue Enhancement) pillar of WNS TRAVOGUE. As part of this comprehensive suite of digital solutions, Ancillary Revenue Optimizer empowers airlines to make strategic decisions with precision, enabling them to unlock untapped revenue streams and maximize their potential for growth.

Maximizing Ancillary Revenue – The Solution
That Checks All the Right Boxes

The Ancillary Revenue Optimizer delivers a revenue boost of up to 5-10% of ancillary revenue using key levers such as prescriptive pricing, product bundling and personalized offers.

Leveraging analytics and AI, it enables carriers to make hyper-personalized recommendations and the right pricing decisions. With our solution, they can:

Match the right customer with the right service

Optimize the price point such that it maximizes uptake

Drive personalization of à-la-carte or bundled ancillaries depending on the customer’s buying propensity

Easily integrate it into the airline’s offer management system thanks to partners such as Sabre, Amadeus and Navitaire

The Gears and Levers

The Ancillary Revenue Optimizer Suite seamlessly connects to an airline’s systems to produce actionable insights on the go:

  • Harnesses data from multiple sources (for example, PSS, CRM / Unify, loyalty, social media, shopping behavior and transaction data)

  • Leverages fully productized data engineering and cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency

  • Uses machine learning models to recommend the optimum price for every ancillary offer (e.g., seats, bags, meals, Wi-Fi, lounge passes)

  • Recommends personalized offers through a deep understanding of customer segments, micro-segments, and product and equipment features

  • Maximizes average revenue per customer by boosting uptake and delivering priced offers that the customer values most

  • Seamlessly integrates with the offer delivery engine with an active feedback loop, model performance analysis and data consulting

Don’t Settle for Average. Take Your
Airline to the Next Level

In an increasingly volatile and competitive market, airlines can soar above with Ancillary Revenue Optimizer’s analytics-backed differentiators and achieve remarkable results.

Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

  • Increasing ancillary revenues by generating incremental revenue to the tune of 5-10%

  • Improving customer engagement and Net Promoter Score (NPS) through customer segmentation and hyper-personalization

  • Enhancing share of customer wallet through AI / ML led product bundling recommendations

WNS + Planitas – Joining Hands to Amp Up
Outcomes for Clients

WNS Leads with Powerful Industry Expertise
  • Over 25 years of experience in the travel industry

  • Trusted partner to 65+ leading travel and hospitality companies, including 25+ airlines

  • A team of 14,000+ travel domain experts

  • 20+ proprietary tools and frameworks

Planitas Offers Science-Powered Solutions for Airlines
  • Over 20 years of experience in designing tech solutions for airlines

  • Specializes in airline data and revenue analytics

  • Enables leading carriers to optimize revenue using its digital platform

  • Leverages the latest technologies and AI / ML models to automate and deliver state-of-the-art analytical and pricing solutions

Customer Showcase

We partner with leading global to co-create solutions that drive revenue through tech and
analytics-enabled transformation.

Some of the outcomes include:


year-on-year growth in ancillary revenues to approx. USD 34 per passenger


quarter-on-quarter growth in ancillary revenue per passenger, from USD 58 to USD 63