Creating the Workforce of the Future: Specialized, Agile & Borderless

Led by digital, the WNS Open Talent Model creates a true boundaryless and collaborative workplace – building communities of domain experts and enabling enterprises to access best-in-class talent on demand. This translates into:

business variability

Up to 200-300% business variability managed

reduced cost of operations

20% reduced cost of operations via flexi models

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience (CX) and employee productivity


Mobilization of the RIGHT global talent from skill-abundant regions


The Essence of the WNS Open Talent Model

The WNS Open Talent Model is powered by the trifecta of open workforce, open workflow and open workspace.

WNS Open Talent Model - Open Workforce 1

Open Workforce:
An optimal balance of full-time, part-time and on-demand domain talent

WNS Open Talent Model - Open Workflow

Open Workflow:
An intelligent combination of digital self-serve and personalized human assistance

WNS Open Talent Model - Open Workspace 3

Open Workspace:
A hybrid mix of Work-from-Home (WFH) and on-premise contact center delivery modes

WNS Exprirus - CX Model Overview

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A unique CX model that combines digital and human assistance
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The WNS Open Talent Model Advantage

Leading global businesses have leveraged this model to achieve measurable outcomes.

WNS Open Talent Model on multi-channel retailer

Leading interactive multi-channel retailer

Business Priorities:

  • Augmenting existing staff via on-demand workforce
  • Ramping up and down quickly basis seasonality
  • Securing Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification

Impact Delivered:

  • 30%+ cost savings through flexible working model
  • 25% operational efficiency improvement
  • Consistent outperformance on key KPIs of quality and AHT
WNS Open Talent Model on B2B HR & Administration Partner

B2B human resource and administration partner

Business Priorities:

  • Ramping up rapidly due to seasonal spikes
  • Eliminating reliance on traditional staffing model

Impact Delivered:

  • 40%+ staffing (bi-langual) capacity increase within 4-8 weeks through flexible work model
  • 150 agent ramp-up (on an average) during peak enrollment demand period
  • Cost-effective recruitment and seamless WFH setup