Bespoke, End-to-End Data Annotation Services

Our data labeling service and solutions cover an extensive range of possibilities.

Text Annotation Services

Handling tasks such as document classification, sentiment analysis, spam e-mail detection, news article categorization, library document organization, enhancing search engine performance with training data, deploying chatbots, question answering and translation

Audio Annotation Services-Natural Language Processing

Identifying caller intent, voice recognition and enhancing AI training datasets (for example, virtual assistants, in-car navigation, OTT voice search, customer service, transcription and translation services)

Image Annotation Services

Outlining and labeling image features, benefiting industries like tech, e-commerce, travel, InsurTech, PropTech, RegTech, streaming, surveillance, services and Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Video Annotation Services

Tagging video footage to enhance computer vision products and improve object detection in autonomous vehicles, drones, surveillance and security services, sports analytics and human behavior analysis

LiDAR and Geospatial Annotation

Tagging, annotating and segmenting spatial data to enhance geospatial products and analysis for diverse applications such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, environmental monitoring, agriculture, augmented reality, surveying and mapping

Versatile Features for Better Impact

Our feature-rich solutions leverage the power of people, process and technology expertise to drive improved business outcomes.

  • AI Expertise: Optimize model training for better outcomes
  • Faster Market Entry: No-code labeling for 25 percent faster launches
  • Empower Cognitive Processing: Custom rules, ML models cut labeling time by 60 percent
  • Cost-effective Updates: Real-time MIS workflows for efficient labeling
  • Auto-model Update: Faster data generation using Champion-Challenger approach

  • Seamless Integration: Connectors, API for diverse data sources
  • Data Accuracy: Quality check workflows to ensure reliable annotations
  • Unified Efficiency: Manage teams on one platform
  • Serverless ML Deployment: Scalable, high availability deployment
  • Intelligent Voice Assistants: Enhance understanding and verification

Driving Positive Outcomes Across New-age Sectors

Autonomous Driving
  • Enhancing chassis control systems for better driving performance
  • Aligning sensor / image data in time and location
  • Designing road maps and training protocols for self-driving cars
  • Assessing and annotating simulation runs on a large scale
OTT and Streaming
  • Improving user experience with personalized recommendations and intuitive search
  • Employing multimodal deep learning to understand context, predict demand and enhance content quality, including metadata such as location details
  • Analyzing celebrities, shots, faces and activities within the content
Rideshare and Maps (Transportation)
  • Mapping images from camera or LiDAR to accurate real-world locations for precise navigation
  • Incorporating essential metadata like weather, traffic and time predictions into mapping systems
  • Optimizing map intelligence and location accuracy, refining routing algorithms and providing advanced navigation guidance
E-commerce and Retail
  • Managing product categorization and identifying anomalies
  • Elevating the shopping journey with AI-driven recommendation engines, real-time pricing updates and an intuitive search experience
  • Prioritizing customer reviews, ratings and inquiries to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction