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WNS Launches PRECIZON to Deliver Cloud-based Competitive Intelligence for the Life Sciences Industry

PRECIZON is a proprietary, industry-proven, sophisticated SaaS-based Pharma Competitive Intelligence (CI) solution powered by WNS’ deep therapeutic expertise and an AI / ML-enabled platform.

It is customizable, scalable and easy-to-use. PRECIZON provides a 360° solution for CI needs by streamlining knowledge collation through public and commercial data sources, curation within the platform and dissemination to end-users through preferred channels. PRECIZON is focused on delivering sharp and actionable insights that can lead to sharper decision-making, and, in the long-term, accelerate go-to-market.

PRECIZON’s edge is WNS’ domain expertise powered by high-end analytics in the background.


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Robust Competitive Intelligence

To navigate a complex market landscape, pricing and regulatory pressures, and changing consumer expectations, pharma companies need quick, accurate insights. They need access to precise yet, comprehensive intelligence.


PRECIZON – Complete, Accurate, Relevant & Real-time Competitive Intelligence in Pharma

PRECIZON is powered by WNS’ deep domain and therapeutic expertise, and AI / ML models contextualized to CI needs. A strong AI / ML layer enables intelligence across the portal by bringing in user-centric content and driving engagement. The platform is highly automated for data publishing and integrates with external systems, thereby providing efficiency gains in daily CI operations.

A Comprehensive Solution for Pharma Companies

PRECIZON is the ideal CI solution pharmaceutical companies need today. It consists of insights based on superior AI and ML-fed pharmaceutical intelligence extracted from business data, using analytics and rich visualization techniques. It is business and commercial intelligence curated by human expertise and delivered, anywhere and anytime, in a seamless and secure manner to enhance business outcomes.

Quick identification of competitor threats

Accelerated time-to-market

Strengthened decision-making

Informed choices for business outcomes

Integrate Edge is Now

Previously Integrate Edge, a cloud-based CI platform, PRECIZON is more interactive, immediate, customizable and accessible. It uncovers data patterns, provides valuable perspectives, and powers effective decision-making.

Easy to integrate

It can be easily implemented across various client systems and managed intuitively, with complete integration between commercial data and BI tools.

Multi-platform enabled

Users can access it across devices – tablet, smartphone, or desktop – through highly secure and seamless authentication.


Users can customize the platform so that features such as news monitoring, trial timelines, competitor profiles or other areas of interest can be displayed through personalized reporting and visualization through dynamic layouts.

Self-sustaining and scalable

It can be operated by in-house teams and does not need external management; the use case of one business unit can be replicated across all units.


It provides intelligent recommendations and search algorithms to evaluate market landscape, and drug approval timelines, giving users a competitive advantage and supporting decision-making.


Get a Glimpse into

Curated notifications based on user preferences and access

Customizable for specific brand requirements

360° competitor tracking with real-time updates

Intelligent document classification for both content and context

Personalized research space for in-platform collaboration

A one-stop CI Solution with in-platform reporting and external dashboard integrations

Extract insights, work offline seamlessly

A responsive interface that works even on low bandwidth


Perspectives & Stories


Did You Get Your Daily Dose of Pharma Market Intelligence from Today?


Latest News: Reports, Trends

  • Easy and intuitive curated CI information baked into multiple TAs by experienced analysts on a real-time basis
  • Content prepared supplemented with additional strategic insights
  • Internally generated reports or critical developments shared across teams via an alert functionality

Competitive Landscape: Products, Investors, Earnings Call Transcripts Collaterals

  • A visual chart identifying direct or indirect competitors along with their relative positioning in the respective therapeutic area
  • Detailed financial analysis of the competitors, provided quarter-on-quarter / year-on-year
  • Summarized key insights from investor calls

Events: Calendar, Conferences, Launches

  • A calendar-grid view of upcoming competitor and congress events with source links and a feature facilitating the linking of the event to the user’s mailbox
  • Includes planners, summary reports / debriefs, photos of posters and booths, for the conferences, so the user may have access to all the information about the events

Repository: Chronology, References

  • The platform works as a repository of all the reports, and information added to the portal over the years with intact source links
  • Encompasses dynamic search function, equipped with multiple filters (company, product, duration, priority, sections, etc.) as well