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In the high-stakes terrain of Pharmaceuticals, Competitive Intelligence (CI) is critical in helping organizations accelerate drug development with timely, on-point and cost-optimized go-to-market strategies. By staying abreast of market developments, potential threats and competition and understanding the pulse of different stakeholders, players can continuously finetune their blueprints while entering a new market or therapy area, or launching a product. However, a lack of efficient data collection and processing technologies and skilled resources are limiting intelligence gathering.

WNS is a partner of choice to 30+ Life Sciences brands, delivering top-notch CI for a winning edge. We extend comprehensive primary and secondary research support with our AI-enabled automation tools, extensive conference coverage and interactions with key opinion leaders. The distilled insights enable businesses with foresight to optimize resources, improve agility and remain ahead of the curve.


WNS PRECIZON is our proprietary, industry-proven, cloud-based CI platform. Offered as a SaaS solution, it is powered by AI/ML capabilities and our deep therapeutic expertise. PRECIZON provides users access to multi-source data sets for a single source of truth for greater accuracy, completeness and recency. The content is delivered through an intuitive web-based interface with mobile compatibility and email newsletters.

The advanced features of PRECIZON include a single interface to monitor different pieces of competitor information. It offers multiple components including drug pipeline landscapes, trial timelines, promotional materials, product approvals, company profiles and medical conference materials.

Thorough. Real-time. Actionable/ Extensive Range of Services for Market Preparedness

End-to-end monitoring for a comprehensive view of the competition to improve decision-making and power growth and profitability


The WNS Advantage

  • Domain expertise: A global talent pool of medical professionals including more than 100 doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and more than 160+ CI experts
  • Conference coverage capabilities: Our end-to-end services cover conference planning, daily debrief reports and comprehensive insights and summaries
  • Innovative futuristic solutions: A dedicated innovation team that focuses on transformation, automation and new product development
  • Industry recognition: Winner’s Circle in the HfS Blueprint Report for the Pharmaceuticals Industry and Stevie International Award 2021 for PRECIZON– Competitive Intelligence Solution