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Digital Meter-to-Cash

Fast-track Transformation with Digital Meter-to-Cash

The energy and utility industry is grappling with complexities driven by evolving customer expectations, stringent regulations and the emergence of new technologies. Today’s customers are demanding greater transparency and better experience putting pressure on companies’ cost-to-serve. These headwinds are compelling utility companies to transform their business models to stay competitive. A collaborative and strategic partner with the right expertise can help companies tackle the challenges and execute their vision effortlessly.

The WNS Edge: Co-creating Innovative Solutions

WNS partners with leading utility providers to co-create delightful end-customer experience in their meter-to-cash (process encompassing meter installation to the collection of cash) journey underpinned by digital technologies and analytics. Our comprehensive Meter-to-Cash-as-a-Service (M2CaaS) offering enables utility companies to boost customer stickiness, reduce cost-to-serve and improve profitability to build an agile business.

We have more than 4000 industry experts managing the entire customer journey and outcomes for over 35 million residential and commercial customers across channels through a comprehensive and digitally integrated utility dashboard.

Figure 1 provides a snapshot of how we enable digital transformation across the entire meter-to-cash value chain while reducing leakages and enhancing customer experience.

Digital Meter-to-Cash Diagram Figure 1


Through five drivers namely, intelligent automation, digital-first smart enablement, business process re-design, embedded analytics and co-creation, we enable utility clients to effectively tackle cost pressures and meet ever-increasing customer expectations. Our solution has the potential* to deliver approximately 50-70 percent reduction in operational expenditure in three years while significantly increasing efficiency.

Key Elements of Our M2CaaS Offering

  • Digital meter-to-cash
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Smart collections powered by analytics
  • Digital maturity benchmark
  • Outcome-based finance and accounting, and procurement solutions

Our digitally integrated dashboard offers an integrated view of the customer journey and includes:

  • Core Meter-to-Cash Business Services: Customer Interaction Services, back-office exception processing, compliance and complaints management, service order support and supply assurance
  • Auxiliary Support Services: Shared Services, RPA, machine learning, customer lifecycle analytics, application maintenance and support