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Medical Summarization

ML models powered by WNS SKENSE integrate with Gen AI and enable healthcare companies to quickly go over medical history and lab results to accurately generate medical summaries, offer diagnoses and identify the relevant medical codes instantaneously.

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An advanced NLP model that is ingested with insurance domain knowledge pinpoints subrogation opportunities and total loss cases with unrivalled accuracy; and Generative AI-powered recommendations offer optimal next-best actions.

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Knowledge Assistant

A next-generation knowledge engine addressing the complexities of the travel domain pairs up with Gen AI to provide instant and tailored responses to customer queries with improved accuracy and efficiency, thus enhancing customer experience.







WNS Triange’s Consulting Framework

WNS Triange (Data, Analytics and AI Practice of WNS) enables organizations to build a robust AI foundation by offering guidance on use cases, strategic planning and best practices for leveraging LLM


Capability to Contextualize LLM

Contextualizing LLM by integrating them with industry-specific AI / ML models, deploying them in client environments, and leveraging our deep domain knowledge to design efficient prompts for extracting high-quality outputs while being cost-efficient


WNS Triange’s Proprietary AI / ML Models

Proprietary, industry-specific pre-built AI / ML models ready-for-use with Gen AI


Application Development Capability

Expertise in building analytics applications to operationalize and scale up the models which are tailored for business use cases


WNS Triange’s Gen AI-powered AI / ML Platforms

Plug-and-play industry and function-specific platforms for clients to customize and achieve speed-to-value from their Gen AI journeys


Data Security and Compliance

Built-in safeguards including explainability, data privacy and security for regulatory compliance, bias mitigation and ethical use of AI

Our Growing Landscape of Generative AI Use Cases

Here’s a glimpse of the wide range of Gen AI use cases we offer, and our portfolio continues to grow with innovative applications across industries and functions.


Vendor Management

Communicate with suppliers, answer RFP questions, negotiate terms and provide performance feedback


Contract Management

Provide insights into contract terms, identify potential risks and opportunities and suggest ways to optimize a contract


Summarization of Technical Content

Summarize internal company documentation, customer conversation transcripts, technical reports and product reviews


Gen AI-powered Chatbot for
Customer Service

Retrieve answers from trusted sources like internal company documentation, knowledge base and historical transactions


Synthetic Data Generation

Paraphrase content to augment social media feeds, conduct customer-specific sentiment analysis models for better performance


Logistics and Operations

Track and trace patterns and trends associated with crucial performance indicators, such as revenue leakages, delivery times and quality issues


Complaints Management

Efficiently manage property claims by classifying the claims, mapping them to SOPs for action triggers, and providing customized responses for resolution and loyalty


Cognitive Research Assist

Improve research quality in information processing industries for faster resolutions and quicker next-best-action

Adverse Media Screening

Adverse Media Screening

Evaluate accurate flagged transactions and customer data from multiple sources to automatically identify risks or confirm suspicious activity in banking, thereby improving true positive detection


Vehicle Condition Reporting

Automate vehicle condition reports, analyze images, data and history, and create virtual showcases for remote incident exploration, accelerating the claims process


Cognitive Risk Assistance

Automate risk assessment, conduct cognitive research, extract relevant details and create appropriate responses in predefined formats


Journal Entry Anomaly Detection

Automate and classify journal requests from unstructured e-mails, generate business rules, perform anomaly checks with high accuracy and efficiency, and eliminate exceptions

Byte-Size Perspectives: Executive Insights on Generative AI

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Keshav Murugesh

Group CEO

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Sanjay Jain

Chief Business Transformation

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Akhilesh Ayer

Head, WNS Triange

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Adrian McKnight

Chief Digital Officer

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