WNS Volume Surge Solution WNS Volume Surge Solution

WNS Volume Surge Solution

Get the Flexibility and Control to Scale as Booking Volumes Surge

The pandemic has left an indelible impact on the travel industry, bringing new challenges and opportunities. While the situation remains fluid, they face constantly changing traveler priorities and behaviors, rules and regulations. For instance, they must manage chaotic surges in bookings and cancellations as restrictions get lifted or (re) imposed. Travel brands that are agile in responding to this velocity of change will assume pole position and capture market share.

WNS understands that managing volume increases will be an integral part of service delivery in the new context. We are well-equipped to handle such situations, given our experience in managing global travel clients for 20+ years.

WNS Volume Surge Solution ensures business as usual irrespective of volume fluctuations. Powered by our digitally enabled Open Talent and Forecasting Framework, it allows travel companies to nimbly match volume spikes with on-demand travel domain experts to better manage variability in business volumes.

Key Features

WNS Open Talent Model

A digitally integrated operating model to manage volume surge

  • Our universal agent model with cross-skilled resources can manage multiple processes
  • Our gig staffing model allows us the flexibility to onboard external resources quickly

Powered by the trifecta of the open workforce, open workflow, and open workspace

  • Open Workforce: Blended balance of full-time, part-time, on-demand travel talent
  • Open Workflow: Mix of digital self-serve and personalized 'human assist'
  • Open Workspace: Optimal mix of work-at-home and on-premise talent
Key Features Of WNS Volume Surge Solution
WNS Forecasting Framework

WNS Forecasting Framework

A dedicated team of workforce management professionals to address resource demand

  • Work on scientifically proven methodologies (e.g., Erlang) and simulations provided by tools (e.g., Verint)
  • Come up with volume projections to assist clients in resource planning and management for:
    • Short-term variability management: WNS works with the client-provided forecast for 60 days with in-built variability management up to +/-10%
    • Predicted seasonal demand management: Volumes forecasted with +/- 25% variability at the agreed UTP rates. Additional part-time / temp FTEs onboarded and trained "just-in-time" to meet predicted seasonal volume spikes
    • Irregular operations or events: Utilization of all staff including support; voluntary overtime with existing resources; premium overtime for volumes of +25% variability

Key Business Benefits

WNS’ ability to quickly scale resources aligned to client’s requirements, enabled by digital accelerators, has driven multiple benefits including:

  • 10-15% improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score and First Call Resolution
  • Enhanced revenues by boosting ancillary sales
  • 100% compliance to key regulatory requirements

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