Fit-for-Purpose, Comprehensive Suite of Services

A continuously evolving offering to keep pace with changing user needs, new rules of engagement, reimagined value chains and non-conventional business models


Revenue Impacting

  • Consultative ad-sales and support
  • Advertising operations
  • Revenue-focussed services
  • Acquisition and Servicing
  • Digital marketing
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Lead generation

Mid Office

  • AI operations (data collection, data annotation, and data enrichment- text/image/voice/video)
  • Content curation (content creation, aggregation and enrichment)
  • Pay-per-click services
  • User behavior analytics
  • SEO optimization

Back Office

  • Trust and safety operations (content moderation, identity verification, compliance enforcement and fraud prevention)
  • Trust and safety compliance
  • Metadata tagging and management
  • Finance and accounting services
  • Procurement services

Enabling Businesses to Scale Safely, Smartly and Swiftly

Holistic transformation and value creation with intelligent automation and analytics for stakeholders across the ecosystem

Trusted Platform

Smart Experience

Swift Growth

Awards & Recognition

Recognized as ‘Experts’ in HFS Horizons: Services for the Platform Economy 2023
Our solution for a digital-native food delivery service provider was recognized as a ‘Standout Case Study’ in the ISG Awards, 2023

The WNS Advantage

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 100+ best-in-class proprietary solutions and partnerships across AI, hyperautomation and hyperpersonalization
  • Proactive consultative approach to garner benefits of transformation, analytics and joint growth strategies
  • Outcome-based engagements covering new age models
  • Solution integrating end-to-end value chain to deliver a cohesive, superior user experience