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Data to insights is a challenging journey at the best of times.

With data volume and complexity increasing, today, businesses need a way to fast-track this journey to maintain a competitive edge. They need to activate data for real-time insights, instill trust in their data among various users, and fulfill stakeholders’ needs across the data value chain.

WNS is an AI-powered data management and governance solution with pre-trained data / AI models and domain-driven data catalogs. It enables enterprises to make an instant leap to an ecosystem primed for insight delivery and drive smarter decision-making. WNS meets the demands of all the stakeholders – CXOs, business users, IT, infosec, and operations – in one place.



Lead the Field with WNS

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Advanced Data Management and Governance

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AI-based Data Enrichment

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200+ Data Connectors

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Integrated Analytics / AI Workbench with Business-focused Pre-trained Models for Structured and Unstructured Data Sources

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Business Term Benchmarking with Embedded Knowledge Graph


Scoring Big with  WNS Dataturf AI

Unlock the full potential of your data with our advanced business taxonomy creation tool, designed for both business and technical users. Our solution offers manual and intelligent data enrichment capabilities, allowing you to easily discover and analyze data for strategic decision-making. With our smart rule builder, you can confidently score and assess data sources for relevance and risk. seamlessly integrates with RPA, analytics, process mining, and hyperautomation tools, making it the ideal solution for streamlining your data-driven operations. We provide pre-trained data and AI models for various industries, so you can hit the ground running.

With, you can experience the convenience of a complete tech stack, data analysis tools, and data catalogs in a single ecosystem that meets the needs of users across the value chain. It supports a large number of users and is equipped with an integrated business-focused workbench that can be operated on structured and unstructured data sources.