WNS Document Verification Solution WNS Document Verification Solution

WNS Document Verification Solution

Friction-less Document Verification for a Seamless Customer Experience

Increased documentation, fast-changing COVID-19 protocols across countries, and the need for infection control measures at airports are overwhelming airline staff and exposing carriers to greater operational risks. There are new complexities in documentation such as validating vaccine certifications and test results and ensuring passengers meet the latest requirements in transit and at the destination.

Failure to comply leaves airlines vulnerable to significant financial, operational, and regulatory risks and hefty fines and overhead costs. Airlines must therefore retool their systems, and move away from people-driven tasks for greater operational efficiency and compliance, especially across customer-facing processes.

WNS Document Verification Solution integrates domain and digital technology to simplify the COVID-19-related documentation process for travel companies and restore traveler confidence. It eases the embarkation and disembarkation process and improves the experience for both airline staff and passengers.

Key Features

  • Digital and agent-assisted services across the customer journey to drive a stress-free travel experience
  • Easy, accurate validation of COVID-19 documentation against destination-specific requirements
  • Trained staff and leadership support to manage dynamic COVID-19 regulations worldwide
  • Proactive pax support /connect to drive increased compliance
  • Analytics for effective diagnosis and improved planning

Key Business Benefits

  • 100% accuracy, reduced effort, and faster processing times leading to improved efficiency
  • 100% conformance to regulations/standards to reduce inefficiencies and fraud, and prevent breaches
  • Enhanced user / customer experience through consistent delivery and variation reduction
  • Flexible commercial models tailored to clients’ requirements

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