Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, driven through WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), advances our mission to Educate, Empower and Enrich lesser privileged communities as we work to make a difference around the world. We believe the future of a nation must be built on the strong foundation of education. As a result, CSR at WNS revolves around co-creating with the community to offer quality education to the young and underprivileged.

WCF helps employees and clients channel their passion for community service into a concrete platform for change and hope. WCF is an example of how we are constantly finding ways to collaborate and co-create with all our stakeholders. Our program reflects the WNS core values of learning and sharing knowledge, our focus on co-creation, and our drive toward excellence in everything we do.

Know More About The WNS Cares Foundation
  • 13 Countries
  • 272 Schools
  • 1,35,206 Beneficiaries
  • 4.6 Million CyberSmart Learners

Three Areas of Impact
One Goal for Tomorrow

We bring our vision of a better future to fruition through focused efforts to educate, empower and enrich less fortunate youth and children.



Our efforts to educate extend beyond academics and the classroom to innovative initiatives such as digital learning centers and mobile libraries.



We empower less-privileged children and youth to overcome social and economic constraints and create a bright future for themselves through vocational guidance, placement assistance and leadership training programs.



We enrich young people with skills to enhance their self-esteem and develop their potential. These skills are built through sports, arts and crafts, self-defense programs and educational trips.


Our Core Belief

Every individual has the power to educate, empower and enrich and is expressed in the equation I1 = E3

Key Programs

Awards and Recognition

  • Award

    Stevie International Business Award 2021 in the category ‘CSR Program of the Year in Asia, Australia and New Zealand’ (Bronze Award)

  • Award

    SABERA Awards 2021 — Special Jury Commendation in the category — Shiksha (Education)

  • Award

    8th National CSR Times Award 2021: WNS Cares Foundation has won the CSR Times Award 2021 (Silver) for CyberSmart

  • Award

    Golden Peacock Global Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2021

  • Award

    Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for 2019-20

  • Award

    WCF’s bouquet of digitally led education programs won the CSR Program of the Year Gold Stevies award (in Asia, Australia and New Zealand) in Q2 FY 2021

  • Award

    Grant Thornton SABERA Award 2020 for WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) for driving sustainable digital initiatives in the field of education for less privileged children

  • Award

    ‘Best Digital Education Project 2021 (BPM industry)’ category by India CSR Awards for driving sustainable digital-led education initiatives such as CyberSmart

  • Award

    WCF CyberSmart Clinches Silver at the CSR TIMES Awards 2021 held in Q3 FY 2022

Global Impact Day 2020-22

A series of Respect Matters sessions brought children from diverse cultures together to share their perspectives about respect, exposing them to different interpretations of this universal value. Watch the grand finale of the Global Impact Day for a ringside view of the initiative.

CSR Governance and Framework

CSR Policy

WNS GS India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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WNS BCS Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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CSR Committee

WNS GS India - The CSR Committee

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WNS BCS - The CSR Committee

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CSR Annual Action Plan

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CSR Report


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