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Customer Management Services

The utility and energy industry has been under a lot of pressure in recent times, having to cope with capacity and investment constraints. To add to this, there is increased demand from consumers to address climate change concerns. These companies need to work alongside customers, keeping them aware of their energy impact, the need for energy efficiency, reduced usage and demand. This is a complex function and many utility and energy companies are now looking at outsourcing customer management services to drive the adoption of these programs among consumers.

Managing customers effectively will help utilities and energy companies provide market differentiation, increase customer retention and, thereby, stay ahead of the competition. Customers, today, are highly informed and look toward utilities and energy companies to help optimize their energy usage and management. Customer engagement is an important step towards customer retention. Clearly the success of utilities and energy companies lies in a thorough understanding of their customers. Companies are fast realizing the value of engaging specialist outsourcing providers for customer management services.

Companies need to integrate all customer data in a cost-effective manner and develop insights-based customer solutions that lead to increased customer loyalty and retainership. Our Customer Management solution focuses on the key areas of converting customer interactions into business insights. Our analytics solution enables utilities and energy companies to increase the life-time value of a customer by enhancing capabilities around customer acquisition, customer retention and cross-sell / up-sell. The solution leverages analytical tools to build targeted customer campaigns, analyze cost-to-serve and enable utilities and energy companies to garner higher share of their customer’s wallet.