Digital Innovation Enables Accelerated Business Transformation & the Creation of Disruptive Products and Services Digital Innovation Enables Accelerated Business Transformation & the Creation of Disruptive Products and Services

Digital Innovation for Accelerated Business Transformation

Enterprises no longer view digital as the destination. It is the origin. In a digital-first, or rather, digital-only landscape many-a-time, the imperative for companies is to create innovative solutions that can help them transform and adapt at speed to the evolving needs of their industries, grow profitably and take-out market share.

At WNS, digital innovation is in our DNA. It integrates our domain expertise with data-to-insights and hyperautomation capabilities to build scalable digital accelerators that are the bedrock for leading-edge solutions.

Co-creating Digital Futures

Digital innovation at WNS hinges on an agile, focused and collaborative approach to developing and executing new strategy, design and transformation journeys. We partner with organizations at different stages of their digital journey through:

  • Innovation-driven and outcome-led capabilities in domain, Customer Experience (CX), data and analytics, hyperautomation and new technologies
    • Industry-specific solutions
    • Innovation labs
  • Digital accelerators, products and prototypes
WNS Co-Creation Labs The Center Of Innovation

WNS’ Co-creation Labs: The Nerve Center of Innovation

Our co-creation labs are immersive spaces that re-imagine the way we work together leveraging a slew of digital accelerators, skillsets and design thinking-led framework. This framework is built on the principle of 5Cs — Comprehend, Connect, Catalyze, Co-create and Cascade.

These state-of-the-art labs, spread across the globe, are intuitive and interactive, and blend principles, interventions and platforms to support virtual engagements across multiple locations.

The labs are creatively curated digital spaces consisting of design artefacts, insights and stories, underpinned by cutting-edge technologies. This enables real-time collaboration to deliver solutions that are customized to the markets, strategies and competitive challenges of our clients.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation is about a lot more than just technology. We know that each of our clients is at their own unique point in their transformation journey. The opportunities and challenges, as they compete for their digital future, are specific to their business, industry and region.

Our digital transformation consulting practice focuses on enabling our clients to win with their customers in their marketplace. From developing a digital strategy to assessing readiness to re-designing and re-imagining operating models and ways of working, our transformation programs bring digitally enabled innovation to life.

WNS Data-led Transformation Approach

Data-led Transformation Approach

We leverage domain knowledge, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate relevant insights for businesses from large volumes of structured and unstructured data. There are three levers that underscore this approach:

  • Data-as-a-Service: Data management, governance, integrity, security, quality and monetization
  • AI Democratization: Low code / no code capabilities for data citizenship, data and Machine Learning (ML) flow
  • Domain-led Taxonomies and Hierarchies: Business-centric taxonomies connecting myriad datasets for AI-based data discovery, data tagging and analytics

Large-scale transformations are driven using our proprietary FRAME methodology.


Lean Agile Approach to Business Transformation Excellence

At WNS, we are dedicated to driving successful business transformation through the adoption of Lean-Agile Ways of Working (LAWoW). Our nimble and collaborative approach fosters innovation and efficiency, enabling faster value delivery.

Our Agile Capabilities:

  • Drive Agile adoption by deploying a comprehensive range of practices, including Scrum, Lean, Kanban and SAFe
  • Cultivate a community of Lean Agile Catalysts (LAC) through our Agile Enablement Program, vital for fostering a culture of Agile excellence across all organizational levels
  • Transparent governance via Agile Operating Model and Agile Transformation Governance Office (ATGO) ensures effective management

Scaling Agility:

  • Agile CoE offers tailored enablement programs for individuals and teams, scaling Agile capabilities
  • Agile Maturity Assessment (LAMA) model evaluates executions, guiding Agile maturity
  • Execution and governance advisory support large-scale digital transformation effectively

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WNS Digital Innovation Frame methodology
WNS Digital Innovation Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation (IA) solution combines platform-led enterprise automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) / Intelligent Data Processing (IDP), digital virtual assistants, AI and ML with deep domain knowledge to transform business delivery models. Our IA solutions, built in collaboration with strategic automation partners, are aimed at increasing productivity, improving cross / up-selling and driving superior CX. WNS’ IA solutions mimic human thinking, and are adaptive, self-learning and self-sustaining. Through a team of IA experts, deployment of BOTs and flexible engagement models, we deliver high cost-savings and return on investment across industries.

Hyperautomation Services

Our hyperautomation solutions use a combination of low-code software applications and intelligent automation platforms to:


Drive coherent, data-driven and value-based process automation


Accelerate digital transformation at scale and democratize innovation


Augment efficiency, agility, resilience and ROI

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how WNS-Vuram can provide the edge for transformation programs

WNS Dataturf AI 2


An AI-powered data management and governance solution with pre-trained data and AI models and domain-driven data catalogs. It enables enterprises to take an instant leap to an ecosystem primed for delivering insights and powering smarter decision-making.

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WNS Digital Accelerators

WNS’ Digital Accelerators

Our digital accelerators execute a four-pronged action to transformation:

Harness the power of data and analytics to enable holistic transformation journeys for businesses

Enhance end-to-end CX with AI and intelligent, connected operations and workforce

Domain-specific solutions to drive improved outcomes

Hyperautomation to optimize business processes


Data & AI Accelerator

  • Continuous collection, analysis & monitoring of structured & unstructured data
  • Collaborate with AI, data & analytics groups to build pre-configured solutions
  • Data management & governance with domain expertise
  • Identify high impact opportunities through insights
WNS Experience Accelerator

Experience Accelerator

  • Intelligent tools
  • Maximum customer lifetime value
  • Seamless customer journey for enhanced experience & customer retention
  • High collaboration between CX, technology & digital partners
  • Center of Excellence enablement
WNS Domain Accelerator


  • Client-specific industry focus
  • New-age optimization suite to perfectly amalgamate process, people & technology, and transform business operations
WNS Hyper Accelerator


  • Innovative human-centric hyperautomation platform
  • Optimal blend of human & digital workforce powered with AI decisioning for best-in-class business outcomes

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