Balance sheet-focused to innovation-driven. Near term ready to future primed. Tactical wins to strategic moves. Spurred by shifting business priorities, market unpredictability and an evolving technology landscape, the remit of the CFO’s office has expanded to champion and drive strategic change in the organization, fuel growth and build resilience.

CFO Finance Transformation Consulting Services from WNS offer finance leaders a proven transformation methodology, deep functional knowledge, proprietary digital platforms and tools, and expert guidance to create a future-ready finance function. We have realigned the capabilities of more than 150+ CFO offices to bring the transformation blueprint to fruition and achieve their strategic goals.

Leading analysts such as Gartner, ISG, and HFS Research recognize us as a market leader in finance and accounting services.

Over 60% of CFOs believe having a centralized finance function under CFO sponsorship and oversight was important: Everest Global CFO Survey, supported by WNS

Transformation Levers: Building Blocks of the Future of Finance

360-degree realignment of the finance function to enable value-creation across the entire organization

Powering Finance Modernization

Proven transformation methodology, deep functional knowledge, proprietary digital platforms and tools to create a future-ready finance function

Outperforming CFO Framework

Outperforming CFO Framework (OCF)

A cutting-edge framework to transform the finance function with future-ready agility

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Financial Intelligence-in-a-Box (FIAB)

A suite of advanced analytics techniques and applications to unleash tangible monetary gains

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Digital Transformation

Comprehensive technology solutions across towers to transform and create best-in-class processes leveraging proprietary, such as WNS TRAC, and partner-driven BPaaS, intelligent automation, hyperautomation and AI interventions

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Awards & Recognition

‘Best Finance Transformation of the Year’ at the Future of Finance Summit & Awards 2024
Stevie International Business Awards (2023) Compliance Solution (Bronze)
Generative AI
Digital Transformation

Chatter Versus Reality Bridging the Gap for CFOs