Outperforming CFO Framwork Outperforming CFO Framwork
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Outperforming CFO Framework (OCF)

Future-ready Solution for Finance

Transformation conversations in the finance controllership domain are shifting beyond efficiency to future-readiness in the areas of intelligent automation, newer business models, customer intelligence, emerging breakthroughs in technology (such as blockchain), and cybersecurity risk management. What the finance organization needs is a transformation framework that will enable them to be ready to address future changes that cannot be predicted today.

WNS’ Outperforming CFO Framework (OCF) transforms the finance function with future-ready agility across its entire value chain. Stepping beyond traditional benchmarks of financial outperformance, OCF enables enterprises to assess the impact of market disruptions, their capabilities to respond to them and readiness levels of technology adoption – for growth, leadership and competitive advantage.


Integrated Assets for Accelerated Outcomes

WNS’ OCF integrates the following transformational components and assets into a single robust framework:

  • Benchmarking Compendium: A consolidated view of investors’ analysis and performance maturity models
  • Best Practices Compendium: A detailed playbook of best practices across process and technology to build business cases for improved benchmarking metrics
  • Technology Compendium: A comprehensive list of out-of-the-box functionalities in popular enterprise resource planning that leverages investment in existing assets
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automated and rule-based business transactions for extensive efficiency gains
  • Common Minimum Standards: Minimum metrics for appropriate controls and business outcomes
  • BPR Methodology: Unique Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) framework integrating process, technology, transformation and risk management
  • Change Management: Framework to drive projects and support changes with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Outcome-based Pricing: A ready reckoner framework of metrics to build transaction and outcome-based pricing models
  • Operational Excellence: A comprehensive framework of metrics, process excellence, best practices and new ideas
  • Reporting Factory: Complete reporting system across Finance and Accounting (F&A) with strong business insights for strategic decision-making

Through a seamless execution approach of ‘Ascertain-Discover-Analyze-Report,’ we deliver OCF assessments in the quickest ‘time-to-value’ periods. WNS’ OCF leverages our industry experience, new-age best practices and digital assets to provide the following benefits:

  • End-to-End Assessment Model: Process, technology, geographical landscapes and key performance indicators all come together seamlessly to elevate F&A to an agile and future-ready organization
  • High-performing Resources: Experts from across industries bring their strengths to analyze, build and implement robust transformation
  • One-stop Shop: WNS’ OCF integrates our extensive portfolio of F&A offerings with digitization, automation, robotics, analytics, and change enablers to achieve predictable monetization
  • Customized Excellence: Built with pre-defined algorithms to handle a vast number of transformation scenarios, OCF’s proprietary transformation opportunity matrix provides individualized solutions to specific business needs

The WNS Advantage

Built with 20+ years of deep domain knowledge and experience, WNS’ OCF integrates three crucial levers of strategic finance – maximizing shareholder value, process maturity, and agility to be ahead of disruptions. It provides enterprises with comprehensive visibility into their transformation journeys with defined templates, procedures, best practices and global leading benchmarks.

Investor Analysts’ View
WNS’ OCF enables extensive research and analysis of an organization’s financials and investor information benchmarked to competition, to enable:

  • Improved cash flow and earnings per share
  • Optimized working capital
  • Reduced external capita requirement and long-term debt
  • Sustained market leadership

Business-readiness Maturity
Deploying edge analytics, WNS’ OCF determines organizational readiness of finance operational models and digitization. It deep dives into detailed scores and variances across geographies and revenue segments to unveil key insights on:

  • Industry-specific trends and nuances
  • Future-readiness and agility to lead market trends
  • Capability development to gain competitive edge

Process Maturity
WNS’ OCF designs transformational roadmaps to enable organizations to achieve best-in-class business processes. It carries out maturity assessments across qualitative and quantitative facets of people, process and technology to deliver the following:

  • Comprehensive performance scorecards
  • Detailed findings across sub-processes
  • Extensive list of prioritized opportunities based on impact and complexity
  • Best practices for conversion of opportunities to winning results
  • Transformational roadmaps to achieve the best financial outcomes