It is imperative for business owners to realize that the true efficacy of technology lies in its ability to underpin and drive business processes, thereby delivering real and sustainable value. Thus, a much greater emphasis needs to be put on aligning technology enhancement with business and process transformation, and achieving this at a rapid pace while ensuring it is pervasive.

WNS TRACTM is a consolidated suite of comprehensive, next-generation technology solutions for managing complex business processes for our clients across industries. Our brand-new technology suite, WNS TRACTM is a combination of our proprietary solutions and IP with partner products and tools.

WNS TRACTM leverages WNS’ deep domain expertise, embedded analytics, in-depth process knowledge and technology capabilities to create end-to-end offerings. WNS TRACTM stands differentiated with its ability to understand and identify the right technology for your business, and therefore, drives larger organizational goals. It powers business through a two-pronged strategy:

  • Bolster the existing technology through seamless integration of client’s traditional technology environment with WNS’ proprietary technology platforms, process management services and RPA tools

  • Introduce next-gen technologies to rapidly power client’s processes to achieve the desired outcomes

WNS TRACTM offers a host of industry-specific and cross-industry technology solutions that are pre-configured with best practices and drive implementation around Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Automation including RPA. From consulting to application management and operations, WNS TRACTM undertakes seamless technology deployment across the business process lifecycle to achieve the desired objectives of sustained growth and profitability.


WNS TRACTM Solution Suite



Intense competition and digital disruption in the travel and leisure industry are driving companies to move toward data-driven collaboration among people, process and technology. Industry players are striving to deliver a seamless customer experience by leveraging analytics and enhancing business agility, while optimizing costs.

Travel TRACTM enables travel and leisure companies to digitize their business process transformation, maximize operational efficiencies, delight customers with superior experiences and ensure a healthy bottom-line.

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WNS Insurance TRAC

Insurance TRACTM

Changing customer expectations, stringent regulations, skilled manpower shortage and shrinking margins are driving insurers to transform processes, accelerate time-to-market for new products, and leverage real-time intelligence and advanced analytics to drive profitability.

Insurance TRACTM leverages our decade-long domain expertise to help insurers maximize the value of new technologies, leverage the power of analytics, develop new operating models, and improve processes and governance. This leads to higher customer retention, growth and profits.

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Today’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO) aims to create a high performance enterprise function that drives business strategy, growth and improvement in the bottom line.

CFO TRACTM helps the finance function scale up to energize and transform business outcomes through insightful analytics and innovation. We deliver excellence across the entire finance value chain - from transaction processing to compliance and change management.

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In their redefined C-Suite role, Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) act as strategic business partners, utilizing emerging technologies and best practices to bring marketplace insights and drive innovation.

The CPOTRAC suite of digital products integrates AI, digital technologies and human intelligence to connect the dots within the procurement ecosystem. These digital enablers:

  • Optimize the procurement operating model, enhancing its efficiency and seamlessness
  • Generate actionable insights from internal data, knowledge and market intelligence
  • Cater to the requirements of future-focused category managers

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WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC

RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM

Businesses across industries are today focused on adopting innovative intelligent automation solutions while navigating challenges such as evolving customer expectations, changing market demands, rapid decision-making, stiff competition and changing economic scenarios.

WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM, our suite of integrated best-in-class solutions, helps transform businesses by leveraging and integrating emerging next-gen technologies seamlessly with our clients’ enterprise ecosystem. Underpinned by our domain knowledge in strategic verticals and horizontals, process excellence and end-to-end integrated technology approach, we deliver enhanced business outcomes for our clients while ensuring consistent customer delight.

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WNS Security TRAC

Security TRACTM

Organizations today are faced with numerous threats of cyberattack, security breach or online fraud resulting in loss of business, brand reputation and intellectual property, and placing business at risk of lawsuits. With WNS Managed Security Services, organizations can have a strategic focus on the security program, drive a proactive approach to identify and thwart attacks, and build an agile recovery and response mechanism. The solution brings together world-class system and network security, industry best practices, analytics-led threat protection, strong technology alliances and specialists trained in cybersecurity.

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WNS Hyperautomation Services - WNS Vuram

Hyperautomation Services

Operating in a world where change is the only constant, organizations find that hyperautomation has become a cornerstone of competitive advantage. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, hyperautomation – a strategic, holistic approach to automation – delivers enhanced efficiency, accuracy and agility.

WNS-Vuram, which specializes in low-code enterprise automation, fast-tracks the digital transformation journeys of clients worldwide, enabling them to innovate at speed and scale. Our hyperautomation technology stack encompasses business process management, robotic process automation, optical character recognition, document processing AI, machine learning, and analytics.

WNS-Vuram offers several plug-and-play solutions to drive intelligent decision-making, such as Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT), Rapid Claims, Card Dispute Management System, Contract Management System, and Hospital Lease Management, Sales Connexions, and TalentHall.

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