Value Creation Levers

Build resilient value chains, mitigate ESG risks proactively, lower costs

ESG Risk and Strategy Planning
  • Organization-wide awareness and change advocacy
  • Internal policy design and governance
  • Risk modeling, testing and framework setting
  • ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPI) / target setting
Data and AI Interventions
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) calculation and forecasting
  • AI / Machine Learning (ML) enabled taxonomy mapping and enrichment
  • Data collection and standardization
Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • Quality assurance, compliance and audit
  • ESG reporting and disclosures
  • Risk and regulatory monitoring
  • Public disclosures, media monitoring and marketing

One-stop Solution: Level Up Your ESG Performance

Design the best course of action with our ESG domain expertise and industry-specific analytics

Consulting and Research to Chart Out a Roadmap
  • Regulatory framework for the given industry (e.g., green tax)
  • Benchmarking and realistic target setting
Data and Governance for Maximum Impact
  • Finding data source, and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Integration of third-party data and resources
  • Data storage, transformation, management and governance
  • Development of analytics and calculation engine
Contextualization of Business Data
  • Data enrichment and cleaning using Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine
  • Vendor normalization of business spends (GDS)
  • AI/ML-driven classification of business spends into specific category
Track Sustainability Scores
  • Scenario-based CO2 calculation
  • AI / ML driven taxonomy builder and sustainability tagging (positive or negative) for revenue, Opex, Capex at Purchase Order (PO) level
Reporting Strategy
  • Defining CO2-related KPIs for performance tracking and measurement
  • Establishing proper governance and reporting by rolling up data at the organizational level
Forecasting and What-if Scenarios
  • Scenario simulation and what-if analysis
  • GHG hotspot reporting and vendor rationalization
  • Simulation to check the likelihood of achieving the set goals by 2030 and 2050
Compliance Reporting
  • Monthly / quarterly / yearly reporting governance is set up
  • Statutory reporting – Nasdaq ESG, European Union statutory reporting, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)
ESG Workflow Management
  • ESG dashboard reporting
  • Automated workflow to collect ESG data from suppliers and customers
  • Application Programming Interface (API) compatible – ingest ESG report from third-party sources
  • Automated workflow management
Downstream ESG Analytics
  • ESG-driven pricing analytics for industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Supplier ESG risk profiling and analytics
  • Portfolio analytics (ESG scoring) – wealth management
  • Sector-specific ESG solution and reporting

Catering to the Needs of Your Industry

A domain-led approach for greater effectiveness


Meeting reporting needs like risk assessment and GHG emissions from commercial properties made easy

Supply Chain-esg
Supply Chain

Using our procurement-focused ESG capabilities to help clients achieve their sustainability goals

Banking and Financial Services

Automating the calculation of carbon-related assets relative to total assets as well as the amount of lending and other financing connected with climate-related opportunities

Wealth Management-esg
Wealth Management

Meeting all compliance requirements and developing a strategy to meet changing regulatory obligations

Why WNS?

Transformation Consultations
  • A team of 50+ industry-specific ESG experts
  • Partnership and alliances with consultant’s tech partners and data providers
Technology Platform
  • Holistic platform solution for data extraction, taxonomy building, analytics and reporting
  • Built on existing ESG solution (bolt-on options available)
  • Captures diverse industry-specific use cases and solutions
Service Management
  • Build a pool of in-house talent for data collection, research and benchmarking, due diligence, risk monitoring, compliance and audit and reporting activities