Qbay SM Back Office Productivity and Workflow Management Qbay SM Back Office Productivity and Workflow Management
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Qbay SM Back Office Productivity and Workflow Management

With growing complexities in back-office operations in the travel sector, the competitive edge is being defined by speed-of-service at the right price, without loss of revenue. Hence, it is imperative for travel companies to implement robust transaction processes, drive real-time customer communication, and track fraudulent transactions. A key barrier to achieving these goals is the people-intense mid- and back-office processes, built on legacy systems. And the legacy architecture of Global Distribution and Passenger Service Systems (GDS / PSS) make it difficult to identify and work on PNRs based on business requirements.

QbaySM – our proprietary and industry-recognized automated queue distribution workforce and productivity management tool – empowers floor supervisors and process managers to improve operations, minimize costs and enhance customer service. The solution is a fully automated, cloud-hosted workflow management platform that can distribute and manage back-office transactions across centers and geographies.


Key Features

  • Single platform to manage queues from GDS, PSS or other platforms
  • Custom-built algorithm to prioritize tasks across teams and geographies
  • Robust communication across the operations through mobile apps, real-time info alert, group chat and FAQs
  • Integrated system for multiple locations
  • Built-in intelligence to allocate tasks based on transaction type, priority, employee skills and skill level
  • Advanced reporting feature with easy access to historical reports, statistics, instant alerts and custom reports
  • Ability to override the automated prioritization and distribution functionality to handle exceptional events

Key Benefits Delivered

  • Improvement in process efficiency by 15-20 percent
  • Reduction in service cost by 20 percent or higher
  • A 360-degree view of task status, agent activities and SLAs for effective performance management
  • Improvement in service levels due to clear visibility into agent productivity and operational issues
  • Reduction in average handling / processing time and increase in agent efficiency / productivity
  • Improvement in resource allocation and budget planning
  • More effective decision-making with real-time reporting
  • Continuous improvement in processes through accurate trend identification

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