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  • Retail

    Generative AI in Retail: Impact on Holiday Shopping in 2023

  • WNS Triange

    Automating ELTO Submissions: A RegTech Intervention for Lloyd’s of London Carriers

  • WNS Triange

    Bridging the Gap Between Business Objectives and Data Strategy

  • WNS Triange

    Social Inflation: A Mounting Challenge for European Insurers

  • Analytics

    Accelerate Decisions and Improve Business Outcomes with an AI-powered Integrated Analytics Platform and Services Approach

  • Utilities and Energy

    Navigating the Utility Debt Management Crisis with Data Analytics

  • Shipping & Logistics

    IDC Vendor Spotlight: Utilizing a Low-code, No-code Cognitive Shipping Platform for End-to-End Shipping Process Automation

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence

    How Gen AI is Powering the Rise of the Finance OneOffice

  • WNS Triange

    Fueling Next-generation Data Management with Data Fabric