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BI and Data Visualization

Creating a Big-Picture View with Powerful BI and Data Visualization Insights

While Business Intelligence (BI) enables businesses to make sense of all the data they generate on a daily basis, data visualization helps take that data to relevant stakeholders in a consumable format. The right visualization design helps to see the big picture, make better decisions, extract insights from the data and provides a single version of truth.

In today’s digital era, the volume and variety of data are growing exponentially and they demand the right design patterns to create relevant formats for consumption. At the same time, information consumption layers also demand innovative ways of data representation for effective storytelling.

WNS’ BI and data visualization solutions and services help businesses get the right information in the right format by providing holistic insights through customized data visualization frameworks. Our framework focuses on business taxonomies to deliver compelling data stories for the business, which are easy to navigate and consume, and delivers contextual intelligence on various business scenarios.

Our Data Visualization Capabilities

  • Evaluation and implementation of the right data visualization tool
  • Build and implement data visualization frameworks - understand users, datasets and right visualizations
  • Design thinking-led approach to deliver contextual insights
  • CXO dashboard design services
  • Build self-service BI, collaborative BI, responsive data visualization capabilities
  • Build data discovery capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping and data storytelling services
  • Dashboard rationalization and benchmarking services

WNS Advantage

  • Domain Knowledge: Our business-first approach helps to bring out the right business story through data supported by WNS’ deep domain knowledge

  • Accelerators and Frameworks: Design systems help to manage design at scale with reusable components and patterns

  • Domain Templates: Industry domain-specific visualization templates help with faster deployments

  • Flexible Engagement Models: Self-served and augmented analytics models for generating interactive reports both on-demand and dynamically

  • Agile Delivery Framework: Agile delivery framework with rapid prototyping of visualization engages business early on

  • Partnerships with Leading Technology Vendors: Partnership with technology vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, Tableau, Qlik, Oracle helps to build the right ecosystem for delivery