DEI at WNS transcends beyond the ordinary as we inculcate its spirit in our culture and ethos, making it a way of working. As we strive to create a workplace that celebrates individuality and ingenuity, we have consciously built an environment that fosters oneness and acceptance. Our commitment towards DEI is rooted in empathy and respect.

Our Commitment to Equitable Excellence

DEI is critical to WNS’ work culture and integral to our vision. We are a proud people force with a healthy gender mix and a multi-generational representative of the communities around us. Our commitment to society and business is rooted in three robust pillars: gender advancement, mental well-being and inclusion.

Gender Advancement

To be the best workplace for working mothers and improve gender representation across levels


To nurture an inclusive environment where everyone, especially employees from underrepresented communities feel safe to express themselves

Mental Wellbeing

To normalize conversations around mental wellness, to make people feel safe and comfortable talking about their challenges and ask for help


Women Professionals*


Women Leaders*


Board Members*


Millennial Employees*


Gen Z*




Women Professionals*


Women Leaders*


Board Members*


Millennial Employees*


Gen Z*



*As of March 2024

Driving DEI Dynamically

WNS deploys a holistic and action-oriented approach to create, nurture and cultivate a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture.


Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

WNS is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunities for everyone. We ensure that access to learning and career progression is fair and driven by meritocracy. Our culture fosters a supportive environment and extends a welcoming atmosphere to all employees.

WNS strictly prohibits harassment in any form and strives to create a working environment, which is free of discrimination of any kind and ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

The policies are aligned to the highest standards of diversity, equity and inclusion for the diverse groups (LGBTQ+, People with Disability).


Flagship Projects

Flagship Projects


Designed in collaboration with Cornell, it is a career advancement program to encourage our talented women employees to explore better, broader work horizons within WNS.

New avenues are explored to hone their capabilities, define a career trajectory, and align their aspirations and abilities to opportunities.

CEO Millennial Council

A platform for our millennial and Gen Z employees to work on organisation wide projects with our CEO and the senior leadership team.

They are enabled to share their unique perspectives and engage with the leadership team.


Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter

Promoting inclusive behavior through awareness-building sessions and initiatives. WNS carries out engaging session, educative webinars, regular monthly nudges, and succinct information bytes focused on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The sessions are dialogue driven and interactive, highlighting relevant themes like building allyship, disability sensitization, wellbeing to name a few.


Celebrating Achievers through DEI Awards

Celebrating Achievers through DEI Awards

DEI awards celebrate employees who inspire and actively contribute to amplifying DEI goals while modelling inclusive behaviour. We have different categories to recognise colleagues who advocate for DEI initiatives, drive inclusive practices and women colleagues who are an inspiration for other colleagues around them.

The awards are intended to recognise the contribution of our champions who have advocated our ethos and culture through their behaviour and practices in everyday work life.


Holistic Well-being

Holistic Well-being

Physical Well-being

- Comprehensive health coverage along with annual physical examination to employees and their dependents

- Periodic wellness communications on preventive care

Mental Well-being

- Our EAP program offers support to employees through mobile app and an online platform hosting articles, self-assessments tools, recorded videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.

- Conversations for awareness around mental health with experts and dedicated well-being ambassadors

- One-on-one counseling support / helpline for employees and immediate families


Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

The Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) at WNS is a mark of its commitment to DEI and a responsibility towards the stakeholders in creating a positive social impact by fostering innovation and driving economic growth, across underrepresented communities of the society.

Our procurement process engages diverse suppliers from backward communities such as women business owners, war veterans, physically disabled and artisanal communities.

Initiatives with an Intent


Conscious Hiring Campaigns

  • Referral program with incentives for diversity hires
  • Campus recruitment for diverse skills and perspective

Inclusive Leadership Sessions

Immersive and experiential workshops to demystify inclusion as a core cultural and leadership capability, understand and manage bias and foster inclusion.


WNS Women Returnship

Opportunities for women returning to work to re-engage through a tailored blend of learning assimilation, mentoring and leadership connects.


Learning Resources for Diverse Audiences

  • Specially designed e-learning programs accessible to all employees to educate people on different DEI topics
  • Series of information bytes and monthly nudges focused on inclusion and belongingness that fosters global diversity

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Fostering inclusive growth and economic transformation , our efforts encompass a spectrum of initiatives designed to empower black individuals, including women , those with disabilities and the challenges faced by the unemployed or underemployed youth. Furthermore, we also contribute significantly to the Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives in South Africa and ensuring a more equitable and diverse business landscape.


Respectful Workplace

We foster a culture of respect wherein everyone feels valued, heard and safe. ‘Respect’, one of the core values at WNS, has been shaping our interactions and collaborations with all stakeholders.


Employee Resource Groups

Voluntary employee-led groups at WNS that focus on shared interest, providing support, networking opportunities and advocacy for their members while promoting the DEI goals within the organization.


Prevention for Sexual Harassments

We have in place robust mechanisms to prevent any instances of sexual harassment and strive hard to create internal sensitivity and awareness through e-learning modules on the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. These training modules are mandatory for every WNS employee.

WNS’ DEI Council — Culminating a Vision

The DEI Council is a guiding force to propel WNS toward a more inclusive future with strategies to attract, retain and support a diverse talent pool and ensure equal opportunity to thrive at work. The DEI Council at WNS leads and co-creates our global agenda with a central DEI enablement team and geo-specific DEI / HR teams to meet and address region specific needs.


Gopi Krishnan

General Counsel & DEI Council Chairperson


Archana Raghuram

EVP, Global Head, Marketing & Communications


Alpar Kamber

Chief Business Officer


Deepak Gupta

Chief Business Officer & Business Unit Head, Travel & Leisure


Rajnish Borah

Global Head - Learning, OE & DEI

Awards & Recognition

Listed in TIME’s ‘World’s Best Companies 2023’
Listed in the Forbes ‘World’s Best Employer 2022
Featured in the ‘Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)’ in 2021, 2022 & 2023 for best-in-class policies and outcomes
Named the Economic Times' Best Workplaces for Women, 2021
Stevie Awards 2023 for Achievement is Diversity and Inclusion and Achievement in Leadership Development
Human Capital Management Excellence Awards, Brandon Hall, 2022-21 Gold: Best Advance in Leadership Development for Women for Centurion
ATD Best Awards, for Talent Development Initiatives
(2024, 2023, 2021, 2020)
Awarded TISS LeapVault CLO for Best Diversity & Inclusion Program(2022 & 2023)
KelpHR PoSH Awards 2023-WNS ranks among India's Top 25 Safest Workplaces
Awarded Business World D&I Awards, 2022, for advancing gender equality, and for the best Women Advancement program
ASSOCHAM Diversity and inclusion Award, Best Employer for Women 2022
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Leaders Speak


Keshav R. Murugesh | Group CEO

At WNS, we strongly believe in earning our stripes and our commitment to DEI is reflected in our steadfast approach to inculcating this philosophy.

At WNS, building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is key to our growth strategy. Our DEI policies are not about discrimination in any form — they are about creating a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to succeed based on merit and competence. WNS’ DEI initiatives are thoughtfully created, communicated and consistently evaluated to ensure fairness, meritocracy and inclusivity while driving our business forward.

WNS deploys a holistic and action-oriented approach to create, nurture, and cultivate a diversity, equity, and inclusion culture.

R. Swaminathan | Chief People Officer

At WNS, we strongly believe in earning our stripes and our commitment to DEI is reflected in our steadfast approach to inculcating this philosophy.

At WNS, different people, different beliefs and different aspirations converge to make a wonderful difference to the world we belong. Together, we thrive in our uniqueness, find meaning in our differences and make these attributes our combined strength and inspiration.

WNS deploys a holistic and action-oriented approach to create, nurture, and cultivate a diversity, equity, and inclusion culture.

Voices and Expressions

What we hear, what we think!


Courtney Cummins – CEO Millennial Council, USA

The synergy and collaboration among team members have created an environment where ideas flourish, and projects thrive. I feel inspired every day by the collective talent within this group. Proud to be a part of such an exceptional team!

Pawan Patil – CEO Millennial Council, India

The experience of meeting our CEO and other leaders from various Business Units, and learning from their experiences is something that I would have missed if I hadn’t been a part of this group. I feel really proud and privileged to be a part of CMC 2.0 as I know our leaders are listening to us!

Anwesha Roy – Centurion, UK

Of all the things that Centurion has to offer in this journey, the most exciting part is to be in a culturally diverse environment with women from so many countries, collaborating and working towards one goal. Here’s to scaling greater heights with WNS.

Tahseen Lye – Centurion, UK

The learning opportunities the program created, not only via one of the Ivy League colleges, but also by providing direct access to the wealth of knowledge possessed by the senior most leaders within the company, mentors and trainers- both internal and external, have been immense. I most fondly think of the camaraderie and lifelong friendships garnered among the 20+ fellow Centurions.

Yasemin Ifsat- CEO Millennial Council, Poland

It has been a great opportunity to meet the team in person. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the amazing, smart, and talented people who make up the CMC team, along with several trainings conducted for us.

Nishank Shah – Campus Hire, India

Continuous Learning and healthy work environment is what we always want and WNS makes sure I get that type of working culture where I'm constantly growing and upskilling myself. Irrespective of the designation you can always reach out to anyone and they will always guide you as best as they can.

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