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Life Sciences Commercial Strategy, Operations and Analytics

Life sciences companies have been compelled to rapidly evolve their commercial engagement strategy. In an environment marked by changing customer preferences and declining access to customers, the onus is on the sales force to drive integrated and digitally enabled Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE). Operationalizing such an integrated commercial strategy is one of the key challenges facing the industry.

Moving away from a traditional approach, WNS is enabling organizations to adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach towards Life Sciences Commercial Strategy, Operations and Analytics. Instead of viewing each step of the commercial strategy as an isolated project, we co-create an integrated approach with our clients, augmented by our productized solutions and accelerators, best-in-class processes and Subject Matter Expert (SME)-led teams.



Domain Expertise

Segmentation and Targeting

WNS supports companies in developing the dynamic targeting process for end-customers. We develop a range of bespoke tools for our clients, online and offline, to enable a structured and data-driven segmentation and targeting process, including call plan generation.

Domain Expertise

Sizing and Territory Alignment

WNS enables clients to optimally size their sales force and territories that drive customer outreach aligned with the business objectives. We develop and implement a range of bespoke tools for our clients, online and offline, to enable efficient roster management and territory alignment.

Domain Expertise

Incentive Compensation

We help our clients drive their sales strategy with an effective incentive compensation program. We provide end-to-end capabilities in incentive design and administration, and support field reps and headquarters teams on various queries related to data and incentive plan.

Domain Expertise

Sales Reporting and Analytics

We enable clients’ headquarters teams and field force to discover, visualize, understand and analyze their performance data. We integrate and analyze data from multiple sources to help our clients understand the drivers of sales performance and support them with other business queries through data analytics.


WNS Advantage

  • Therapeutic Area Expertise: WNS leverages 15+ years of experience in research and analytics to drive outcomes for more than 30 leading life sciences companies. Our global team of analysts has rich experience in the full range of life sciences data sources and deep operations. Our research and analytical team comprising data analysts, engineers, project managers, SMEs and data scientists solves various commercial effectiveness challenges of our clients.

  • Operational Excellence: Our comprehensive business transformation capability drives operational excellence for many of our clients. Our culture of driving continuous process improvements, augmented by robust quality assurance frameworks and automation, supports scalable and sustainable transformation of client processes.

  • Innovation: We have a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Lab that is focused on building enterprise-grade, scalable and business outcome-driven solutions for our clients.