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WNS Working Capital Analytics

Generate Cash Flow – Come Rain or Shine

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. Businesses have been scrambling to manage the multi-dimensional impacts of the pandemic – with CFOs and teams working round the clock to better manage liquidity and stabilize the business. Today, freeing up cash trapped across receivables, payables and inventories is a critical priority to survive, revive and thrive.

Optimizing working capital will release the much-needed cash to fund expansion and growth while building agility and resilience. However, data and functional silos, non-standardized processes, limited access to real-time insights and inadequate adoption of digital and analytics are hampering organizations’ efforts.

WNS Working Capital Analytics is a powerful, flexible cloud-based solution to increment cash flow and improve businesses’ working capital performance. Through what-if simulations and prescriptive analytics it enables enhanced decision-making and identifies opportunities to unlock cash and boost the bottom line.


Optimize Working Capital, Enhance Free Cash Flow, and Rise to Every Challenge

Through a customized approach, the solution helps identify favorable payment terms with suppliers, take advantage of discounts or rebates, process invoices on time, and more – to increase payables. We enable Finance leaders to generate actionable insights through intelligent analysis of accounts payable data and become cash-fit in every kind of business climate.

How Do We Do It?

  • Early Payments Reduction - Moving all possible early payments to on-time payments

  • One Vendor One Term - Having only one highest possible term for each vendor

  • Terms Rationalization - Reducing the number of payment terms and negotiation opportunities within specific expense categories

  • Discount Optimization - Identifying lost discount opportunities and ways to optimize discount utilization and enabling insight-assisted decision making on whether to avail of specific discounts or conserve cash

  • Payment Monetization - Identifying high-volume and low-valued invoices for payment monetization opportunities

  • Pay-run Optimization - Finding opportunities to improve working capital by optimizing payment frequency

Reinforcing Domain Depth with Intelligent Technology

WNS Working Capital Analytics combines WNS’ deep domain expertise with powerful analytics and technology levers to focus on what really counts. Some of the unique features of the offering include:

One-of-a-kind predictive / prescriptive models and what-if simulators

Equipped with dynamic data models and intelligent algorithms, the simulators throw up a host of what-if scenarios for acute insights with speed and accuracy. This enables accurate spend forecasts and spot-on decisions on payment terms rationalization.

Advanced statistical models

Leveraging advanced statistical models, the solution helps organizations audit their functions comprehensively by identifying audit targets and potential red flags in the entire dataset. Removing bias associated with audit sampling boosts both audit efficiency and effectiveness.

Insightful dashboards

Every aspect of payables is customized to provide clear visibility ‒ for example, slicing and dicing data to identify early, on-time and late payments data by pay terms, vendors and business units.


Co-creating Multiple Dimensions of Client Success

Here is a snapshot of how we are enabling value for the CFO organizations across industries:


Leading Electronics Manufacturer

  • Incremental cash flow

  • Higher collection effectiveness

  • DSO improvement

  • 50% reduction in key dispute types


Global Travel Agency

  • Incremental cash flow of GBP 10 Mn through early payment impact analysis


Leading APAC Airline

  • Incremental cash flow of USD 31 Mn

  • Opportunity cost savings of USD 3 Mn


Leading Building Materials Company

  • Incremental cash flow of USD 16 Mn

  • Opportunity cost savings of USD 1.2 Mn


Leading Automobile Association

  • Better discount supplier terms

  • Potential discounts of USD 3-7 Mn through discount


Leading Australian Airline

  • Incremental cash flow of USD 53 Mn

  • Opportunity cost savings of USD 5 Mn


Global Hearing Aid Manufacturer

  • Free cash increments of USD 10.2 Mn

  • USD 6.6 Mn in early payments