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New Frontier Technology Solutions to Bridge Expectations and Experiences in Travel

Achieving differentiation in the digitally disrupted travel and leisure marketplace is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity for businesses. With savvy millennials driving the trends, travel brands need to facilitate seamless transactions across multiple devices and design meaningful personal engagements based on analytics.

Next-gen travelers expect a world of convenience enabled by technology. Meeting these expectations calls for proactive customer connects, in addition to creating and delivering customized value propositions for different segments. Digital innovation underpinned by agile collaboration of people, process and technology is the answer to delivering the ultimate travel experience.

Our state-of-the-art travel IT solutions help travel and leisure companies create superior travel experiences for travelers, outperform the competition in an evolving digital landscape, minimize risks and optimize costs.



RePAX Automated Flight Disruption Management Solution

RePAXSM– Automated Flight Disruption Management Solution

RePAXSM is a first-of-its kind re-booking solution that helps airlines minimize losses and improve passenger experience during flight disruptions. This travel technology solution significantly improves re-booking time (from 4-5 hours per flight to 45 minutes), cuts operating costs and minimizes passenger dissatisfaction.



Verifare Plus – Automated and Comprehensive Fare Audit Solution

Verifare PlusSM– Automated and Comprehensive Fare Audit Solution

Verifare PlusSM empowers customers to transform revenue protection through its best-in-class proprietary fare audit solution. The new and improved solution enables airlines to preempt future revenue loss through preventive measures.



WNS Travel Trac Back-Office Productivity and Workflow Management

QbaySM– Back-Office Productivity and Workflow Management

QbaySM, a proprietary and industry recognized automated queue distribution and workflow management solution from WNS, empowers floor supervisors and process managers to improve operations, minimize costs and enhance customer service.



WNS SmartPro – Automated Proration Engine

SmartProSM – Automated Proration Engine

SmartProSM is a first-of-its-kind proration engine that helps airlines prorate accurately, arrest revenue leakage, take informed revenue management decisions and reduce total cost of operation.



WNS Travel TRAC, Commercial Planning Suite

Commercial Planning Suite

WNS’ Commercial Planning Suite adopts an integrated approach to continually monitor, analyze and strategically support revenue management, sales, pricing, code sharing and partnerships.




WNS Advantage

  • Industry and domain expertise: We understand the synergies that can be created through the business-technology partnership. Our travel technology solutions leverage deep domain experience, business and industry insights, and best practices to deliver business outcomes that matter to our clients – with speed, efficiency and dependability.

  • Life cycle solutions: End-to-end integrated technology solutions span the entire travel and leisure value chain. Our offerings include flight disruption management, fare auditing, proration, workflow management and analytics.

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing: Flexible pricing models address a client’s diverse needs across varied outsourcing and technology maturity stages to deliver incremental value. We offer a wide range of services on a subscription and outcome-based model and help clients minimize total cost of operations while mitigating risks.

  • Futuristic services: Our next-generation travel IT solutions and robotic tools not only help transform business and secure margins for today, but also future-proof the businesses to achieve our clients' vision for tomorrow. In short, we facilitate agile innovation to drive profitable growth.