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  • Private Equity

    Portfolio Optimization: Insights from the Markets Group Private Equity Forum

  • Analytics

    WNS Doubles Down on Procurement and Analytics Expertise

  • Private Equity

    Driving EBITDA: How PE Firms & Portfolio Companies Can Optimize Their Investments

  • Supplier Management

    Enhancing Enterprise Sustainability through Supplier Management

  • Banking & Financial Services

    The Silicon Valley Bank Crisis: A Case for Proactive Data-driven Risk Management

  • Retail & CPG

    Retail & CPG: Winning the Cost and Profitability Race in a Volatile and Uncertain Market

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Navigating a Challenging Market with Investment Banking Research & Analysis

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Optimizing the Cost of FinTech Operations with Strategic Partnerships

  • Travel & Leisure

    How Digital is Enabling the Resurgence of Travel Advisors