Stay Ahead of the Game with WNS EXPIRIUS

With our digital-first, human-assisted EXPIRIUS CX model, companies can expect to positively impact experiences across Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels including social media, apps, e-mail and webchat. It enables personalized conversations, leading to improvements in conversion and Net Promoter Score (NPS).


EXPIRIUS comprises a suite of new-age solutions that drive proactive, contextual and intelligent experiences, harnessing:

  • Proprietary and partner digital solutions, spanning hyperautomation, chatbots and generative AI technologies
  • Advanced analytics-enabled 360-degree view of the customers, providing comprehensive insights on customer journeys, purchase patterns and engagement
  • Cross-functional team of experts proficient in digital transformation, analytics, Agile methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma
  • WNS Co-creation Labs with service design practitioners, fostering a creative, collaborative environment to ideate, prototype and test innovations
  • Industry and domain Centers of Excellence (CoE), ensuring tailor-made solutions


improvement in customer satisfaction


increase in multi-brand and multi-channel shoppers


increase in revenue per customer


reduction in interpurchase time


million additional transactions attributed to loyalty customer base


Elevating Retail, E-commerce and D2C Experiences with End-to-End Capabilities

WNS empowers 50+ global organizations in the retail, e-commerce, marketplaces, CPG and D2C sectors with full-spectrum solutions for operational excellence and improved customer experiences, including digital transformation, analytics and insights, all geared toward driving business success.


Omni-channel Customer Service and Sales

  • Pre and post sales inquiries and support
  • Assisted cross-sell / upsell
  • Returns and refunds management
  • Loyalty execution

Seller / Partner Experience

  • Vendor onboarding and relationship management
  • Inventory management

Customer Insights

  • User engagement analysis
  • Journey optimization and abandoned cart recovery
  • Customer 360 Campaign effectiveness
  • Personalized recommendations

Merchandizing and Content

  • Product onboarding
  • Product indexing, tagging and catalog content operations

Trust and Safety Ops

  • Fraud operations
  • Chargebacks management and processing

Enabling Customer-First Retail And CPG Transformation With Speed And Scale

With WNS CX Services and Solutions, retail and CPG organizations can:


Increase affinity to digital

~20%+ digital containment Through digital containment, offering right channel mix and reducing customer effort, clients drive unified, frictionless and engaging experiences that today’s customers are looking for


Enhance loyalty

15%+ increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Leveraging data and analytics to create customized, improved and automated cross-channel campaigns, we ensure clients run loyalty programs that resonate effectively with the target audience to boost loyalty


Improve conversions and average order value

8-10% increase in average order value With proactive, consultative sales to increase conversions and average order value, and using segmentation to improve physical-to-digital transitions, we help clients increase revenue and customer satisfaction


Manage hypergrowth and demand variability

30-40% reduction in training time; ~20% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) Scaling operational capabilities, and managing variability in demand and volumes being critical for retail CX, we empower teams to deliver with improved ‘speed to proficiency’ and ensure high-quality experiences