With the role of Medical Affairs in Life Sciences companies being redefined as catalysts for innovation, traditional data collection methods have become inadequate. Real World Evidence (RWE) data collection using cross-functional inputs and digital health tools plays a critical role in supporting R&D efforts, product launches and market access. Yet, mining RWE data and amassing relevant information for timely insights is resource-intensive, costly and complicated.

WNS, with over 20 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, offers bespoke Medical Affairs services underpinned by AI-led automation and data engineering. We empower Pharma companies with experienced talent in Medical Affairs, enabling them to achieve their business imperatives in product development, scientific writing, marketing and HCP communication while remaining cost-effective.


Extensive, Customized, On-point Services

Curating and creating tailored content to cater to the evolving needs of stakeholders with scalability and efficiency

Medical Communication

  • Publications
  • Integrated evidence plans
  • Medical education and Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training
  • Medical affairs plans
  • External medical materials
  • Scientific congress insights
  • Pipeline presentations
  • Publication repository: Publication & Clinical Trial Repositories (PCTT) and Publication Scientific alerts

Clinical Trial Services

  • Protocol and CSR writing
  • Regulatory writing
  • Safety report writing (safety narratives, PSURs/DSURs/PBRERs/PADERs)
  • IB development, ICF/PIS, trial synopsis and feasibility report
  • Regulatory, claims and advisory board support

 Medical Information

  • Literature Research/EFC Questions
  • Master Global Responses
  • Infographic letters for healthcare providers

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

  • Conducting secondary research and applying analytics to assess the clinical effectiveness, economic value and patient outcomes associated with healthcare interventions, including Pharmacoeconomic evaluations and real-world evidence studies

Medical Affairs Support for Market Access

Providing medical input to market access strategies, payer discussions and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions to support product reimbursement


Value Added Services

  • Creative design and infographics development
  • Redrawing of copyright content
  • Poster design
  • AR/VR congress experience development
  • Intelligent search and dynamic content creation

Transformation Levers in Medical Affairs

  • Process automation/optimization
  • Intelligent document creation
  • SciMedIntel – WNS’ proprietary Gen AI-based scientific research tool
  • Mistake proofing and document quality check
  • Unstructured data ingestion and generation of summaries
  • AR/VR-based experience in conferences

The WNS Advantage

  • Industry experience of more than 20 years in Life Sciences services with strong credentials in Medical Affairs
  • Strong domain expertise in our Medical Affairs team that includes highly qualified Life Sciences professionals (doctors, PhD holders, pharmacists & post-graduates in life sciences)
  • Quality and Compliance with adherence to industry standards, regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Customer-focused, forging strategic partnerships with our clients and co-creating a transformational journey in all areas of business improvement
  • A technology and innovation-led program transformation approach that uses best practices from cross-industry verticals