WNS Duplicate Invoice Detector WNS Duplicate Invoice Detector
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WNS Duplicate Invoice Detector

Detect Fuzzy Duplicates Instantly, Plug Revenue Loss with Speed and Ease

With high-volume invoice processing, poor control parameters and multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, duplicate payments often go undetected. Built-in detection tools in ERP systems are not agile and sophisticated enough to dig deeper and spot fuzzy duplicates. What’s more,

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools may miss nearly identical letters, numbers or characters

  • Inability to adjust detection parameters may lead to slippages in identifying true duplicates

Fuzzy duplicates can potentially drain enterprise finances and frustrate the efforts of accounts payable and audit teams.

WNS Duplicate Invoice Detector is a universal duplicate detector that identifies near-duplicates, improves controls and helps plug financial leakage. The tool can be used across invoice and payment records and locates duplicates in different databases, including invoice data, vendor master data and customer master data.


Ramp Up Invoice Processing Efficiency, Detect Duplicate Invoices in a Trice

T&E Audit

How does it work?

Identifies fuzzy or near-duplicates: Uses machine learning algorithms built on distance scores, along with fuzzy matching capabilities to detect near-duplicates

Similarity score calibration: Adjusts the desired level of ‘nearness’ to avoid false positives and unnecessary audit time

Flexible fields: Changes parameters or selection fields on the fly, depending on the user’s requirements

Phonetic matching: Identifies ‘similar sounding’ names with alternative spellings


What makes it different?

  • Nimble solution that is easy to implement and use

  • Non-intrusive tool that does not put ERP data or other core databases at risk of unnecessary exposure

  • Availability of different versions to scale up or down as per changing requirements

  • Flexibility to be deployed as a standalone solution, on a project basis or integrated into workflow tools


Case Study Spotlight

Client: A major European airline

Challenge: Fuzzy differences in invoices tricked ERP systems and treated duplicate invoices as unique records

Outcomes Achieved:

  • Identified Euro 4.5 Million of duplicate payments from 110 invoices

  • Detected the top five suppliers that contributed to 75 percent of duplicate payments


The WNS Advantage

WNS Duplicate Invoice Detector is the apex duplicate detector in the market, besides being an agile and non-intrusive solution. When combined with WNS’ audit and recovery management services, it helps clients not only stop future leakages but also recover money from past overpayments.