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Data-to-Insights: Driving Transformation in Energy and Utilities

COVID-19 has adversely affected millions of people across the globe – many have lost their sources of income during this time. The rising rate of unemployment is amplifying challenges faced by utilities such as lower cash flow, higher likelihood of customer delinquency, rise in bad debts, insolvency of commercial accounts, customer vulnerability and utility fraud.

WNS partners with Energy and Utilities (E&U) companies to address these challenges by deploying a broad array of advanced analytics solutions. For example, smart analytics can help prevent bad debts, while deploying advanced predictive analytics can enable utilities to foresee customer delinquency. Additionally, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) led algorithms can unearth customer sentiments and underlying data patterns to understand the key factors driving changes in customer behavior.


Digital-first Services and Products

Customer Analytics - Smart Analytics for Energy & Utilities

Customer Analytics

How can E&U companies identify customers who are most likely to adopt solar, join micro grids, demand pay-as-you-go plans, prepaid plans or expect their utility to provide in-home energy management?

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Revenue Assurance - Smart Analytics for Energy & Utilities

Revenue Assurance

The global economic slowdown and fluctuating industry dynamics due to COVID-19 are altering customer payment behavior. This new pattern of behavior has led to a significant rise in bad debts.

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Risk Analytics - Smart Analytics for Energy & Utilities

Risk Analytics

The Energy and Utilities (E&U) market has opened up and the number of players continues to rise. The competition is no longer over small price margins, but on the ability to involve and retain customers through retention, and strategies designed to improve brand loyalty.

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Data Management - Smart Analytics for Energy & Utilities

Data Management

We offer end-to-end support, right from from résumé screening and background verification to interview co-ordination and multi-channel administrative support.

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WNS Differentiators

Domain-led Analytics

WNS’ analytical expertise is driven by a deep understanding of the nuances of both the domain and business. Each data scientist goes through rigorous domain training. We leverage industry knowledge and expertise that is supported by technology, data analytics, innovation hub and center of excellence.

Machine Learning

The nearly limitless quantity of available data, affordable data storage, and the growth of less expensive and more powerful processing has propelled the growth of machine learning. WNS has developed more robust machine learning models capable of analyzing bigger and more complex data while delivering faster, more accurate results on vast scales. WNS’ machine learning tools enable utilities to quickly identify profitable opportunities and potential risks.

Deep Learning

Data science has always been focused on analyzing massive amounts of data – both inside and outside the enterprise – to derive business benefits. Specialties are now emerging in the data science field that leverage neural networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make analysis for faster, more accurate and smarter decision-making. WNS’ data scientists have enabled leading utilities to unearth their customers’ sentiments and behaviors by leveraging advanced neural networks and NLP tools.

Cross-vertical Best Practices

The rapid evolution of analytics is creating new opportunities to re-invent in every vertical across industries. In fact, organizations are increasingly looking to leverage innovative capabilities such as AI / ML, visual data stories, and more to make data and insights easily accessible. WNS’ advanced analytics and cross-vertical consulting solutions enable clients to successfully embark on their analytical journeys. Our custom engagements help develop, design and implement clients’ analytics projects quickly with best-in-class services, training and best practices that ensure seamless implementation and fulfillment of business goals.