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Marketing organizations are gradually becoming more data-driven and moving towards analytics-led decision making. The ability to report the past, analyze the present and to predict or influence the future is critical for today’s marketers. This ability is based on data driven analytical insights.

Marketing analytics comprises measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, marketing analytics can offer profound insights into customer preferences and trends.

Marketing analytics also helps to identify target customers and accordingly design the right marketing programs for the right customer segments, enhance customer engagement and experience, which increases customer retention, maximizes customer lifecycle value, and helps gain customer loyalty.

WNS has more than a decade of experience in creating effective marketing analytics strategies across a broad range of vertical markets and functions. Our clients partner with us to optimize their customer experience across major channels with the goal of increasing customer wallet share, retention, and loyalty and lifetime value.



WNS Customer Acquisition Analytics

Customer Acquisition Analytics

Our Customer Acquisition Analytics solution helps clients identify potential customers who are most likely to buy their product or service, or are most likely to react to their campaigns, promotion and communication, through segmentation, clustering and predictive analytics techniques. Our solution transforms data into actionable insights and enables our clients to make faster, accurate decisions around customer acquisition, which improves profitability, reduces costs and increases bottom-line growth.

  • Identify new and profitable customers

  • Increase customer base

  • Improve profitability, reduce cost and increase bottom-line growth

WNS Retention Analytics

Retention Analytics

Our retention analytics solution enables clients to identify the factors, that are most likely to drive customer engagement with a particular product or service, and retain existing profitable and loyal customers through targeted personalized offerings.

WNS Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analytics

Cross-sell and Up-sell Analytics

We enable our clients to obtain deeper insights about their customer’s expectations and make intelligent recommendations by integrating data (structured / unstructured) such as customer data, contact center data and external data. Our analytics-driven customer strategy solution helps our clients map the right products and services to existing customer segments, which are most likely to respond to cross-sell / up-sell propositions by deploying predictive analytics techniques.

Our analytically driven, end-to-end targeting framework for cross-sell and up-sell analytics is shown below.

WNS Customer Lifetime Value Analytics

Customer Lifetime Value Analytics

Our approach to customer lifetime value (CLV) analytics follows best practices captured from our experience working with multiple clients across various geographies. We have proven expertise in analytics application and predictive models to profile customer data and to provide actionable information that enables our clients to design strategies for their customers. Our CLV analytics solution helps our clients formulate sales and marketing strategies by forecasting the expected revenue from new customers, identifying high-value customer segments, and identifying customers who can become profitable. It also helps to identify customers who would be receptive to cross-selling and up-selling complementary products.

WNS Loyalty & Campaign Analytics

Loyalty Analytics / Campaign Analytics

Our approach to loyalty analytics combines extensive database mining with superior analytic techniques, which enables our clients to identify the factors that are driving conversion and loyalty so that they can prioritize marketing and sales investments.

The key components of the loyalty management services include:

  • Campaign calendaring

  • Campaign strategy proposition

  • Customer analytics to suit campaign strategy and design

  • Campaign feasibility analysis

  • Campaign development

  • Campaign rollout

  • Campaign measurement and analysis

  • Campaign history and customer data management

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WNS Sales Analytics Business forecasting

Sales Analytics

By leveraging our sales analytics solutions, our clients are able to reduce uncertainties in their business, which enables stronger decision-making. We bring to the table our experience in structured methods of forecasting based on statistical principles. Our sales analytics solutions comprise:

  • Market Entry / Potential Planning

    • Sales Potential Estimation

    • Market Segmentation

    • Purchase Driver Analysis

  • Prospecting / Acquisition

    • Look-Alike Modeling

    • Lead Generation

    • Prospect Dashboards

    • Contact Database Management

  • Predictive Analytics

    • Sales Forecasting

    • Channel Mix Optimization

    • Next Purchase Propensity

    • Re-activation Potential

  • Sales Force Management

    • Sales Forecasting

    • Territory Planning

    • Sales Cost Optimization

    • Pay For Performance (Sales Incentive Planning)

WNS Direct Channel Shift Solution

WNS Direct Channel Shift Solution

WNS’ Direct Channel Shift is an outcome-based solution that enables hotels to cost-effectively chart out and execute their direct channel shift strategy. It leverages our domain-focused intellectual property, deep market understanding, and technology and analytics prowess to boost revenues and margins.

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WNS Advantage

Our customer-centric approach, deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence combined with innovative analytics solutions, proprietary frameworks and products help our clients on their path to outperformance.

  • Close to 15 years of extensive experience in creating effective marketing analytics strategies across a broad range of industries and functions

  • More than 500 analytics resources supporting 50+ clients across geographies

  • WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM – a proprietary predictive analytics solution framework to inspire and enable an organization to scale the analytical maturity curve

  • Dedicated Centers of Excellence for campaign management and loyalty analytics

  • Proprietary Customer Engagement Management tool for selecting the best possible communication channel based on parameters such as turn-around time, cost to serve, frequency of contact, …turnaround

  • Best-of-breed modeling techniques – Predictive Statistical Techniques, Parametric and Non-parametric

  • Cutting-edge decision analytics and data mining tools – SAS, SQL, Business Objects, Unica, Cognos, Teradata, R, Python, MATLAB


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A ‘Major Player’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services Report 2014



We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, strong customer care capabilities, insightful customer analytics, and their global delivery footprint.

Steve Sickle, Senior Vice President for Distribution and Relationship Marketing at IHG