An effective and agile go-to-market strategy for a Life Sciences company demands advanced Business Intelligence (BI) with real-time, multi-sourced and predictive insights. The BI capabilities must be scalable to manage a growing volume of data from patients, social media, internet and clinical trials. To convert this rich raw data into a strategic advantage, there is a need to blend data engineering and visualization capabilities with data mining for actionable insights.

WNS offers a comprehensive range of scalable solutions for sales and market intelligence, physician profiling, patient intelligence, Salesforce performance, pricing and spend patterns and macroeconomic trends and forecasts. The solution leverages: 

Data integration and data management, including cleansing and validation, consolidated data framework, harmonization and enrichment.

Visualization with scalable and custom dashboards and reports that can be cloud-based or on-premises and utilizes tools to provide predictive, automated and dynamic reports.

WNS’ Unified Analytics Platform, which is a unified, cloud-based, self-serve analytics platform equipped with AI-led pre-trained models and an API-driven modular approach. Deployed alongside Gage, our KPI repository platform, the platform is a game-changer for the Life Sciences sector.


WNS Advantage

  • 18+ years of experience in Life Sciences research and Business Intelligence services
  • More than 40+ leading Pharma clients
  • 1500 BI experts with specialization in Life Sciences
  • Agile development framework
  • Strategic partnerships for cutting-edge technology and innovation
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Dedicated AI innovation lab with 50+ members
  • Cost-efficiency with scalable BI architecture