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Amid accelerated technological advances, growing audience and stakeholder expectations, increased exposure to unverified content and the need for faster access to the right information – comprehensive content management services have become indispensable. Sourcing, creating and managing huge volumes of data, building the right analytics and predictive capabilities, and better managing customers across digital platforms have taken on greater significance today.

WNS partners with leading content and information publishers to effectively adapt to these changes, and drive agility and profitability. Leveraging our Business Process Management (BPM) experience and expertise, and advanced tech-enabled and analytics solutions, we improve go-to-market, maximize customer outreach, enable secure information sharing, lower costs and reduce regulatory risk across systems and geographies.

  • 1,200+Content Specialists

  • 25+Clients Served

  • 14+Years of Industry Experience

  • 90%Faster Media Cycle Time

  • 9+Voice of Customer


Comprehensive Services

WNS Research and Content Management Services

Research and Content Management

We provide end-to-end content management services – from sourcing content through extensive business and financial research and generating in-depth analysis on data and information to creating value-added products along with content editing and synopsis creation.

WNS Content and Information Editorial Services

Editorial Services

We have a trained pool of resources who are efficient in language, stylistic and developmental editing for books, following publisher and style guidelines. This offering includes research along with organic search to validate and update content, writing summaries and developing marketing content, project management, proof reading, author proof management and approving files for printing.

WNS Content and Information Design and Production Services

Design and Production Services

We combine our expertise across online media, print media and front-end development with the latest design and animation technologies. We provide the full gamut of services – layout and designing, developing static pages, optimizing web content and designing high-quality customized business collaterals.

WNS Content and Information Ad Operations and Sales Support

Ad Operations and Sales Support

We extend comprehensive support across various sales and marketing functions including print and digital ad operations. This includes driving smooth ad operations, from booking orders to securing customer approval. We deliver additional support to sales representatives through customer data research and marketing services.

WNS Content and Information Digital Analytics Support

Digital Analytics Support

We provide various key services through our WNS Interactive Data Enabled Analytics (IDEA) framework. We generate accurate measurements leading to actionable insights with comprehensive web, social media and text analytics support.

WNS Content and Information Market Research Services

Market Research

We manage complex, multi-lingual market research studies across industries. We leverage extensively used market research tools across research design, survey execution, data processing, and reporting / dashboard presentation, focusing on operational excellence and customer experience.


WNS Advantage

Industry Expertise

We deliver high-quality content management outsourcing services across specialized sectors including banking and financial services, law, pharmaceuticals, and risk and compliance. Our resource pool consists of content specialists, graphic designers, statisticians, management graduates, financial analysts, lawyers, etc. They are part of a dedicated content and information publishers’ practice that serves more than 15 clients with a team of 1200+ content specialists.

Analytics and Tech-enabled Transformation Approach

We support our clients with a well-defined digital content management strategy coupled with analytics, intelligence automation and process excellence initiatives to accelerate their transformation journey. We leverage WNS' proprietary and partner-led tools to bring in process re-engineering and rationalization benefits, leading to:

  • 30 percent reduction in data refresh cycles with real-time information gathering and data extraction
  • 20-30 percent throughput improvement with high levels of accuracy
  • Improved ability to handle volume variations and simplify complex tasks

Business Expansion Partnership

  • Our consultative and partnership approach seeks to add new revenue streams, products, markets to the existing client portfolio
  • Competitive benchmarking and gap analysis to provide recommendations for accelerated growth
  • Strategize to identify new product improvement and geographic coverage opportunities

Shared Service Centers

We have set up shared services centers for industry-specific BPM, finance and accounting, customer interaction services, procurement and human resource management across business units that have delivered outcomes such as process streamlining, automation and cost savings.


“My company and I have been partners with WNS since 2015. We first engaged them as a way to control operational costs. But the relationship quickly became about much more than that, and has continued to be a key factor in our company's transformation. When we started with WNS, we were a global business with regional offices that operated in silos. The experience of moving much of our back-office work, and some of our customer facing work, to WNS forced us to change our processes and eventually systems. But knowing we had to make changes wasn't enough. WNS' pragmatic and strategic approaches to documenting processes, training staff, and understanding our business goals allowed us to accelerate the transformation of our business. We were able to streamline, centralize and standardize our work activities in a relatively short amount of time and create the foundation for a scalable platform on which we could expand current business and add new businesses. Throughout this transformation, WNS not only supported our staff working on this transformation, but helped us continue and succeed with legacy systems and processes so there was no interruption to our business. Their leadership team has repeatedly proven themselves to be accommodating and understanding of our business goals and needs, and have helped us achieve savings and hit key targets throughout our partnership with them. The team itself is reliable, professional, and continually demonstrates their willingness to go the extra mile to help our staff meet our daily deadlines and hit our long-term goals.”

Josh Gazes, Sr. Vice President, ALM Media, LLC

"I thought it would be most fitting to send out a message to commend on the concerted efforts of your Emergency Response team, jumping into swift actions, for their work-from-home enablement. Your well-executed plan has made the entire transition seamless, thus setting the benchmark across some of our service providers, especially with the daily trend chart, precautionary measures and travel advisories. Thank you once again for this remarkable feat."

Jason Kan, Head of Offshore Research, Preqin

“WNS has provided support on significant projects, helping us to deliver value to our customers. These projects were often difficult and time consuming. We appreciate the diligent perseverance of the WNS team in completing the projects.”

Marie King, Sr Director, Payments Data Operations, LNRS

“We’ve had a long partnership with WNS. WNS provides key support within our business processes (particularly data processing) to ensure that we deliver high quality data to our customers. We can rely on WNS to be responsive to our needs and speedily execute tasks. The team are always engaged and collaborate effectively with our operational management group. We are very satisfied with the service they provide.”

Niki Raine, Senior Manager KYC, LNRS

Our WNS editorial team is an extension of our in-house team—we collaborate daily and the team is always prepared to jump in with us on challenges and opportunities—whether those are print delays or new title ideas. Our WNS team lead is a critical member of our department and we would not be as successful without her dedication, smarts and leadership.

Molly Miller, Chief Content Officer, ALM Media, LLC