Navigating Volatility:
Transforming Customer Experience with Voice and Video AI

Fluctuating demand tied to unexpected natural and geopolitical events is making it challenging for Energy and Utility (E&U) providers to serve customers well. Long wait times for reporting issues or booking appointments, along with delays in engineer visits, are dimming customer satisfaction levels. Even contact center advisors find themselves spending far too much time retrieving information rather than promptly assisting customers, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

WNS offers E&U providers an innovative AI-powered video and voice assistance solution that leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Gen AI. It has been developed in partnership with a SaaS solution provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and WNS-Vuram, using the Appian platform.

With an extensive library of pre-trained models, deployment is swift and requires minimal data training. By harnessing the core microservice of WNS EXPIRIUS, our solution efficiently triages issues and recommends optimal actions, arming advisors and engineers with precise information, ultimately leading to significant cost reductions in service delivery.


Hitting the Right Note: Key Features

Enable seamless navigation to digital prioritizing customer needs

Omni-Channel enabled Video & Voice AI experience
Unified desktop with visually powered workflows for Advisors & Engineers
360-degree supervision and resolution, resulting in savings on engineers' costs, efforts, and carbon emissions
Extended support
hours with multi-lingual and multi-geographic assistance

Impactful Industry Use Cases

Explore the multifunctionality of Smart Video AI
  • Home care, smart meters survey, installation and ongoing issues
  • Switching, home move and new connections
  • Servicing requests and appointments

Why Our Video and Voice Note Solution?

Improve first-time resolution, build lasting customer relationships
  • Reduce cost to serve: 15-30 percent volumes serviced at 50-60 percent lower cost
  • Revenue improvement: 15-20 percent reduction in truck roll costs (~GBP 150-200 / visit)
  • Enhance CX: Greater Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS), advisor experience and service turnaround times
  • Round-the-clock support: 24*7 availability with multilingual and multi-geo support