Pitch Perfect Omni-channel:
Redefining CX with Voice Intelligence

Insurance companies often struggle with handling sudden spikes in demand or unforeseen events, making it difficult to provide timely access to advisors. Gathering customer information from various systems adds to wait times, leading to dissatisfaction and limited support capabilities, hampering operational agility. To address these challenges, insurance Customer Experience (CX) operations can now employ a seamless contact deflection through a voice capture channel.

ConverseEX, a key microservice of WNS EXPIRIUS, offers insurers a smart Voice AI solution, developed in partnership with SaaS solution provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and WNS-Vuram using Appian. Tailored for the industry, this omni-channel solution aims to simplify customer journeys during policy and claims servicing, thus optimising contact center performance by cross-leveraging resources & effectively allocating them to handle critical transactions.

Utilize the solution across the insurance value chain for various purposes:

  • Sales, service and claims inquiries
  • Optimization of service delivery during out-of-hours
  • Efficient claims management during weather events
  • Optimization of roadside assistance programs

Hitting the Right Note: Key Features


Voice AI

Submit queries through our voice assistant platform


Deep Learning Engine

AI-enabled interaction analyzer and drives next-best actions

Unified Platform

Powered by Appian, offers a single-screen view, real-time traction and response options


Multi-lingual Support

Handle language complexities with extended support window


Why Our Voice Note Solution?

Redefining Customer Experience
  • 24*7 access to services, drive 15-30 percent requests at 60 – 70 percent lesser cost and faster resolution
Privacy and Compliance
  • Strict adherence to global data privacy standards and regulations, ensuring utmost security
Transforming Contact Center Operations
  • Drive scalable, agile and multilingual operations, seamlessly integrating Generative AI with existing voice & other support channels

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