Energy and Utilities (E&U) companies are facing increasing competition, uncertain energy supplies and shifting customer preferences that are impacting the way they manage their operations. In such complex times, adopting data and digital technologies is the only way forward to remain relevant by streamlining processes, improving decision-making and enhancing the Customer Experience (CX).

For over two decades, WNS has been driving digital transformation in Energy and Utilities services, helping organizations adapt and become future-ready. We offer fit-for-purpose, advanced data and digital solutions for operational excellence across the entire value chain.

Elevating Digital Customer Experience for Energy and
Utilities with WNS EXPIRIUS

WNS EXPIRIUS is a digital CX model that integrates human-assisted design and domain expertise within the E&U sector, with AI-driven conversational insights and consulting-led strategies.

What We Offer:

  • Automated efficiency to reduce customer effort and enable self-service
    through chat and voice bots

  • Assisted experience for personalized interactions while automating tasks
    and real-time alerts for contact center operators

  • Omni-channel power for a comprehensive approach to CX, utilizing omni-
    channel technology, desktop automation and speech analytics

  • Flexible workforce to adapt to the gig economy and remote working, ensuring
    an ‘always-on’ service model

  • Advanced analytics with customer and process insights, enhancing
    satisfaction and optimizing growth opportunities


  • 43% increase in self-service resolutions for a major
    UK-based energy utility
  • 53% increase in Digital channel adoption for a UK-based
    energy utility
  • ~3.3 Million call deflections (Voice to digital) per annum
    reduced for a leading UK-based energy utility

Creating Digital Customer Journeys in E&U

Customers now expect modernized, hassle-free experiences while paying their bills and in customer care interactions.
E&U companies can do so by offering easy-to-use, digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey from onboarding to complaints and billing.

As a digital transformation partner to E&U companies, WNS automates and enhances key processes to drive exemplary
customer service and increased efficiency.

What We Offer:

Partnering with us means embarking on a transformative journey towards developing
a ‘digital twin’ of the organization. The capabilities it unleashes:

  • Identification of automation-ready bottlenecks, deviations and inefficiencies
  • User-friendly dashboards for rapid reporting and continuous improvement
  • In-depth visibility into business operations through digital process mining
  • Interactive view of core processes for effortless real-time monitoring
  • Next-best-action recommendations for enhanced operational performance
  • Task mining to transform manual processes to digital enterprise operations
  • Democratization of process data, empowering employees and simplifying compliance
  • Culture of continuous improvement through insights and analytics

In an increasingly commoditized market, energy suppliers are creating differentiation by providing facilities for home automation, home storage and electric vehicles. Our energy advisory engagement model combines upskilled staff, consumer insights, digital tools and domain expertise to provide support for complex and digitally savvy customer journeys created by these new demands.

Modern appliances are being connected to the internet and increasingly controlled through voice-based Virtual Assistants (VA). The rise of IoT and smart meters allows utilities to provide integrated, digital experiences to their customers.

WNS helps E&U companies provide the required customer support, like instant digital interactions using mobile, social media and live chat, while gathering behavior insights and streamlining payment processes.

Use Case

Driving Digital Transformation for a Leading UK Utilities Provider
Digital transformation delivers impeccable end-to-end customer experience and enhanced Net Promoter Score for a UK utilities major
  • High call volumes even after introduction of digital
  • High customer effort due to restricted channel capability
  • Multi-channel strategy instead of omni-channel
  • Limited assisted digital channels for customer contact
  • Fragmented approach to digital engagement process
  • Interaction time reduced by ~7-8%
  • Personalized and contextual interaction led to increase
    in NPS by +20 points
  • Customer hand-offs reduced by 14%
  • Repeat issues raised reduced by ~12%
  • First call resolution improved to 89%

Levers for Business Transformation in Energy & Utilities

E&U companies face a compelling need to innovate continuously to adapt to evolving industry demands, achieve
sustainable profitability and gain market share in a digital-first world.

Our approach to digital innovation is characterized by agility, focus and collaboration in developing and
executing new strategies, designs and transformation journeys.

WNS Co-creation Labs

WNS Co-creation Labs, located in New York, London and Pune (India), are designed for clients to ideate, prototype and test innovations using advanced virtual tools and immersive environments.


Digital Transformation Consulting

Our digital transformation consulting practice helps clients succeed in their marketplace by creating customer-centric strategies, assessing readiness and re-imagining operational models.


A Data-led Approach to Transformation

We harness domain knowledge, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract actionable insights from vast volumes of structured and unstructured data.


Lean-Agile Approach to Business Transformation Excellence

WNS adopts Lean-Agile Ways of Working (LAWoW) to ensure transformation journeys are nimble and collaborative and offer accelerated value delivery.


Hyperautomation Services

Our hyperautomation solutions leverage a combination of low-code software applications and intelligent automation platforms that power digital transformation at scale.