Fraud and risk analytics Fraud and risk analytics
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Fraud and Risk Analytics

With the increasing application of technology, organizations are facing the ‘problem of plenty’ with respect to internal data. This makes it difficult for firms to continuously monitor every transaction that they undertake / process for multiple agents, on a minute-by-minute basis. Interestingly, the solution to this problem also lies in leveraging technology and integrating it with modern data analytics.

WNS routinely helps clients pre-empt risk by helping them foresee and quantify it by leveraging analytics and technology. To facilitate this, we have built a team of highly skilled data scientists with deep domain knowledge of the industry. We go beyond the conventional methods of risk modeling and are adept in exploring alternative data, unstructured text and social media analytics.



Domain Expertise

Demand and Risk Forecasting

To facilitate better planning of cash flows, inventory, processes and people by implementing our advanced time series and econometric models

Domain Expertise

Financial Risk Modeling

To help clients identify and mitigate credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk by leveraging the state-of-the art quantitative models

Domain Expertise

Forensic / Fraud / Audit Analytics

To facilitate continuous audits of all transactions to detect and weed-out potential vulnerabilities in F&A with the help of our algorithms

Domain Expertise

Third-party Risk Modeling / Scoring

To detect vulnerable debtors / customers / vendors, based on pattern recognition of their business history and link analysis