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  • 35 percent +Sales
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Rapid Enhancement of Value (REV) Framework – Maximizing Revenue Growth, Customer Stickiness

A key differentiator is the Rapid Enhancement of Value (REV) Framework, a proprietary framework led by technology, consulting, analytics and operational best practices to drive revenue maximization and growth for enterprises across industries.


WNS REV – Tailored for Client Success

  • 38 percent higher lead conversion for a digital native company
  • 1.8x revenue per call for a leading magazine subscriptions firm
  • 23 percent more revenue from enrollments for a global hotel chain
  • 35 percent boost in sales conversion for a leading European OTA

A Comprehensive Suite of RevOps Offerings…

Our RevOps portfolio encompasses a versatile set of offerings designed to grow the topline and create differentiation through an analytics-powered customer retention and loyalty strategy.


Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

  • Lead allocation
  • Outreach process re-engineering
  • Analytical models for lead nurturing
  • AI-powered lead categorization

Subscription Management

  • Platform-driven services
  • Bundled service offerings
  • Insights management
  • Consulting services

Campaign Management and Optimization

  • Planning and strategy
  • Content creation
  • Automated campaigns
  • Assisted campaigns
  • Campaign monitoring, reporting and analytics


  • Social media engagement
  • Automated content categorization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Automated workflow management

Sales and Commercial Operations
/ Sales Enablement Services

  • Digital Sales (inbound / outbound)
  • Sales CoE framework
  • New business sales and support
  • Account optimization
  • Conversation mining
  • Algorithm-based predictive models
  • Assisted advisor experience
  • Analytical dashboards

…Powered by WNS Triange and…

The REV framework, bolstered by WNS Triange, our AI, analytics, data and research practice, delivers significant revenue uplift through comprehensive interventions.


Customer Segmentation

  • Effective advertising to improve reach

Leads Prioritization

  • Reduced customer effort
  • Seamless and 24x7 registration

Next-best Actions / Offers

  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Accelerated revenue
  • Enhanced App experience

Customer Experience

  • Enhanced Customer Experience (CX) and
    CSAT / loyalty scores
  • Hyper-personalization

Customer Acquisition

  • High-value prospects and right-party contacts
  • Reduced acquisition cost

Propensity Modeling

  • Improved lead conversion
  • Efficient sales pipeline management
  • Smooth onboarding

Customer Lifetime Value

  • Accelerated business growth and revenues
  • Enhanced brand value

Customer Churn

  • Minimized business churn
  • Maximized value and revenues

…WNS EXPIRIUS, a Unique Digitally Integrated CX Model

Our human-assisted digitally integrated CX model, WNS EXPIRIUS delivers the ideal CX outcomes for our RevOps services through continuous performance enhancement, on-demand and efficient workflow management, and improved proficiency.

Through six powerful levers, WNS EXPIRIUS offers an immersive digital experience, underpinned by industry expertise, AI and analytics driven insights, and accelerates speed-to-market.

  • ‘Digitally Simulated Training Environment’, a practice-oriented agent training ecosystem
  • Mock call simulation, an array of self-directed sales training modules
  • Virtual SME for real-time knowledge assistance and guided workflows
  • Automated scripts for templatized customer communication
  • Performance gamification, using game concepts for agent motivation
  • Business dashboarding, actionable insights and targeted training identification

WNS RevOps in Action


Digital native company


Value Delivered

  • 38 percent additional conversion of potential leads
  • 15 percent improved time-to-conversion
  • 30 percent faster revenue realization
  • 6 percent increase in Q-o-Q advertiser spend


European online travel agency


Value Delivered

  • 30 percent reduction in total cost of ownership
  • USD 7 Mn increase in overall sales
  • 35 percent increase in sales conversion
  • 75 percent increase in ancillary sales
  • 40 percent+ reduction in fulfillment transactions


Magazine subscription provider


Value Delivered

  • 46 percent increased cross-sell conversion
  • 83 percent higher average revenue per call
  • 42 percent higher 4- and 5-star team ratings


Global hotel chain


Value Delivered

  • 4 percent increase in registration rate
  • 33 percent higher tagged revenue
  • 23 percent incremental revenues
  • 360,000+ additional members enrolled

WNS bets on revenue operations
to lure platform enterprises

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