Being with the best brings out the best in you

Working with one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry brings with it the opportunity to interact with smart, talented peers. WNS is a truly global workplace with diversity and inclusion being key pillars of the culture. Our geographically distributed workforce, comprising experts in a wide range of fields, have three things in common that make them one WNS team: a collaborative mindset, a proactive attitude and the ability to learn constantly. Together, they make for an inspiring group with whom you will collectively shape the future of companies world-wide.

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A growth mindset makes all the difference

In today’s disruptive age, the ability to learn and adapt is what separates the best from the rest. WNS’ focus on creating well-defined career paths combined with unmatched learning at every level enables you to continue growing. With an open work culture, supportive policies and well-thought-out initiatives, we ensure that you expand your capabilities and possibilities for the future. We have launched online domain-based universities to nurture specialists, and also offer a platform for recognizing those with an entrepreneurial streak.

  • Accredited Academies

    Through university-affiliated learning centers across the world, we impart training for thriving careers in the BPM industry. These include WNS NIIT University MBA - our two-year business analytics program, WNS Denali Academy - our upskilling program for procurement specialists across India and the US, and Ucademy -- an institution that offers learning and development opportunities for South African youth in the BPM sector.

  • WNS Learning Academy

    With over 300 unique programs across various levels and geographies, we endeavor to ensure our people keep evolving, gain new skills and stay future-ready.

  • WNS Education

    Through structured, curriculum-based, and industry-relevant certification programs, we re-skill our employees for tomorrow, empowering them with the expertise needed to thrive in the digital age.

  • Aspire

    Our flagship talent management program is designed to recognize and hone emerging leaders within WNS. By taking into account both their inherent strengths as well as personal aspirations, it opens up new opportunities and enables them to advance professionally.


Diverse and Inclusive, WNS’ Belief System.

Inclusivity and diversity are integral to our company, and our workforce broadly reflects the diversity of the communities in which we work. We foster an environment where everyone is respected and valued, irrespective of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, caste, creed, religion, marital status, disability or age. 45 percent of our employees world-wide are women. It is testimony to the fact that we believe in the strengths of a diverse work culture and what it can do for a fast-growing brand like WNS! We run a wide range of initiatives to ensure that every section of our workforce has a voice and is included when designing our business strategies.

  • The CEO Millennial Council

    As a growing company, we believe that the youngest section of our workforce deserves to have its voice heard, enabling them to advance while contributing to the organization’s success. This council provides our bright millennials a platform to share their unique perspectives, gain deeper insights into our business, engage with the leadership and offer their ideas on taking WNS into the future.

  • The Centurion Program

    While we have a significant number of women leaders in key positions globally, we constantly strive to improve our gender balance through an empowering culture. Through this talent management program for nurturing women leaders within WNS, we identify and groom promising employees to take on leadership roles within the company, accelerating their career growth in the process.

  • A Framework for Returning Mothers

    Through a well-structured framework for mothers returning from maternity leave, we offer them all the resources they need to assimilate into the workplace easily. These include re-orientation sessions, greater flexibility in working hours, alignment to a social-hour shift and ample childcare support through tie-ups with crèches nearby.



Not just fulfilling jobs. But living fuller lives

Experience tells us that those who are fulfilled both at work and beyond it, enjoy greater motivation, raised productivity and a higher sense of contentment. Through initiatives for the physical, mental and social well-being of our people, we endeavor to create better work-life balance so they can build both thriving careers and a rewarding life.

  • Sports clubs, hobby clubs, cultural activities and celebrations promoting team-building on a regular basis

  • HealthFIRST, an initiative for promoting better health through exercise, diet and lifestyle-related advice

  • An employee assistance programme in partnership with 1to1Help offering confidential counseling services on a wide range of issues including mental health


Where doing well matters. And so does doing good

As one of the leaders in the industry, we believe we have a responsibility to make a difference in the lives of the lesser-privileged in the communities around us. Volunteering is deeply embedded in our culture, and powers our efforts to educate, empower and enrich underprivileged children and youth across the world. Through WCF – The WNS Cares Foundation, our people get the opportunity to contribute their time, experience and skills in a variety of ways to support our education-related causes.

Key Volunteer-Driven Programs:

  • Global Impact Day

    Organized every year primarily by the team from WCF called ‘Trailblazers with Golden Wings’, Global Impact Day is an effort to make a massive world-wide impact in an area of pressing concern. Trained WCF volunteers create material and offer programs to build awareness in areas as diverse as cybersecurity and physical literacy. The resulting initiatives impact tens of thousands of children in several countries across the world.

  • E-Mentoring

    Children from lesser-privileged communities often struggle to find the motivation and support they need to grow. Through this initiative, we connect each child with a mentor from WNS’ international locations, ably aided by a local mentor. With their guidance and motivation, mentees learn to overcome their academic and personal challenges, gaining cultural insights and growing significantly more self-confident in the process.

  • MakeMyCareer

    By imparting domain knowledge, this initiative endeavors to raise the employability of educated, underprivileged youth who often fail to land jobs due to lack of relevant skills. WNS trainers offer students intensive vocational training relevant to the BPM industry, which creates new opportunities for these youth to gain meaningful employment.


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