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Consumers across industries are today demanding convenience and personalization, and life sciences is no different. Patients, helped by the information available over social and digital media, are actively managing their own and their families’ health and well-being. Healthcare Professionals (HCP) are also going beyond the reliance on information provided by the sales representatives to increasingly access information from digital and social channels.

Decision-making in life sciences, whether it is related to marketing campaigns or patient engagement and enablement, is linked to huge volumes of highly disparate data coming from multiple sources. The industry is not only looking at what has happened in the past, but also what is likely to happen, and the interventions thereof that may change the outcome favorably.

WNS supports 12 of the world’s top 20 bio-pharma companies through advanced and marketing analytics. We support clients in integrating information from various syndicated, internal and digital data sources in order to deliver actionable insights. Our teams understand the nuances of the pharma commercial process and are trained in relevant advanced analytical algorithms and tools. We support our clients with promotional effectiveness measurement, marketing-mix analytics and a granular understanding of patient dynamics.


Domain Expertise

HCP Segmentation & Targeting

Based on advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, WNS’ segmentation and targeting helps life sciences clients to group HCPs based on their market and brand potential, and link with patient potential, brand loyalty, referral pattern and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) status.

Domain Expertise

Channel & Campaign ROI Measurement

Advanced statistical modeling is at work in driving increased ROI from digital and non-digital channels. Our solutions also leverage insights at the aggregate as well as segment and regional levels to better plan campaigns.

Domain Expertise

Digital Attribution Analysis

WNS’ attribution analysis is not merely based on rules such as first touch, last touch or position. They include advanced mathematical modeling such as Hidden Markov Chain modeling, thereby enabling clients to decide on the areas to focus on, as far as marketing efforts go.

Domain Expertise

Channel Mix Optimization

Our Channel mix optimization enables clients to derive insights on cross-channel interactions and helps them decide the spend mix across channels. A budget simulator on top of that helps brand and marketing teams generate multiple scenarios and drive comparisons.

Domain Expertise

Market Assessment & Epidemiology Analysis

We leverage big data analytics to estimate prevalence and incidence with different patient cohorts based on Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REM).

Domain Expertise

Patient Treatment Analysis

We drive extensive use of Anonymous Patient Level Data (APLD), and EMR data and ML-based classification techniques to find the probability of patients following certain treatment pattern. This helps in generating insights on dominant treatment and therapy progression.

Domain Expertise

Patient Behavior Analysis

We help estimate and predict patient behavior on compliance, adherence and persistence. We leverage big data and ML tools and methodology to help find the patient and connecting HCP details that need to be targeted to improve patient behavior. We also help clients identify the ROI of patient outreach.


WNS Advantage

  • Data Source Acumen and Expertise: WNS brings 15+ years of experience in analytics services for more than 30 leading life sciences clients. Our global talent pool comprises analysts experienced in traditional sales, prescription and new-generation patient-level data – APLD, Claims, EMR data. We have subject matter experts in digital and social media data, with experience across industries.

  • Data Modeling and Data Science: We conduct research and develop evidence-based analytics by bringing together diverse data sources and using data science not just as a tool, but as a principle of data-based modeling. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who deliver sophisticated but easy-to-use commercial, real-world analytics that enables our clients to plan better.

  • Technology Enablers: WNS has strong credentials in innovating and co-creating customized advanced analytics-based tools and platforms that enable deeper insights and faster decision-making. We have created more than 15 Artificial Intelligence (AI) / ML platforms till date – prominent examples being SocioSEER™, a proprietary social media analytics platform, and WNS Agilius for data management and self-service business intelligence.